Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dreams of Spring

This morning I realized I am sick of winter. I suspect my feelings might not be this way, if snow lay pure and glistening on the ground, but we are living right now in a world of grays. As my custom, upon waking I grab my camera to see in the great outdoors, what there is to see and capture, but it all seemed colorless for me today, except for the bright red cardinal sitting in the nearby black walnut tree. The sky had the faintest hint of pink in it, and suddenly I was dreaming of a Monet, colors that evoke such pleasantness. I took several pictures of this morning sky, with the most subtle pink showing itself, with a brighter pink below the tree line. Making it hard to see and just about impossible to capture with the lens. I had hoped to share with you these baby like pastels but the camera just could not pick up that faint pink amid the pale blues and predominate grays. I felt hungry for more color and began dreaming about spring and summer. Peach blossoms, roses, pink lemonade, garden hats, hands digging deep into the soil planting seeds. Its surely time to be pouring through the pages of the seed catalogs and dreaming of a more vibrant time.
Today I shall set myself a proper tea, with pinks and blues gracing the table. I will dress in pink and make myself a cucumber sandwich. Perhaps I will even have some light and fanciful treat. I will dream of springtime and forget the grayness that is outside the window. Yes, that's just what I will do today.

Last years peach blossoms
Taking a break from the garden work last spring
Lunch outside with Emery April of last year


Jan said...

Temps below zero. Snow and colder weather promised for this weekend. But...Spring always comes. Hallelujah!

Marci said...

For everything there is a season...

A time to plant and have lunch outside and a time to stay by the fire and crochet for new babies!!! =)

I too am looking forward to spring, but I am thrilled with the VERY cold temps we are having right now. It has gotten down to below zero with wind chill one night and today the wind chill is 4 above. I hate going out to do my chores, but we really needed this to kill off bugs and weeds for next year. We did not get a good freeze last winter and we had a horrible time with bugs. Also, we have been getting snow regularly for about a week. I LOVE snow. It if is going to be cold, I like to see snow and not brown yucky ground.

How's Melanie and baby doing?

Patty said...

Hi Marci,
I wish we had snow and real cold then winter would be just fine. Its just that all this gray and brown and not really cold weather, today is in the low 50's just feels so inbetween. Wish you could send me some snow !
Melanie and Mei-Ling are fine. Melanie is back to work and Mei-Ling is busy kicking and squirming around. Much to everyones delight : )

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