Monday, January 08, 2007

More pictures

Melanie and Casi are at the Doctors and I am being rather impatient waiting to know the results of the ultrasound. I have pink fabric ready and blue fabric waiting by the sewing machine.
The baby afghan is about half done. I have most of the main part all put together and then will just need to do a few rows of trim around it.
This cold is hanging on, most folks that have had it tell me its a two week ordeal. I am still stuffy and have a sore throat every morning. Its not such a bad thing really, its keeping me in and I am getting so much done. Reminding me of how much enjoyment I get from being a home body.
It was cold this morning, in the high 20's but they are saying by next week we will have an artic front come through that will make this morning seem warm.
Thats fine with me, I love winter weather. I can just bundle up, and walk the land with layers of clothes on. The cold air always makes me feel more alive, more full of energy. Now if only this front would bring with it some snow !

Some boar goats
A patch of green grass for the cow
Along the shore of Cedar Lake

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, it was down right sweating hot on Saturday...70 at noon!!! What are we going to do with our three built-in snow days?!!!

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