Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Strange Day, A Restless Day

Most of the time our days are influenced by many things, the weather, what we ate or did not eat, who we have talked to, how well we slept the night before, and if you are a woman, you can always add some hormones to the list of ingredients for any given day.
Today is a strange day for me. Lots of things have influenced me. Weather and food being the big ones.
I remember feeling this way in school, around February. Usually a walk through the streets around Harvard Square helped me some. Today started off gray, turned sunny and warm, warm enough to leave the front door open and go without a jacket to do chores. A tease of spring.
Now its gray again, solid cloud cover. Its left me feeling unsettled, restless and a bit aimless.
My music has been as varied as the weather today. I have played Eric Clapton, Indian music, including Ravi Shankar. From there I moved on to Cheb Mami's sort of Arabic Rock and Roll ( I am a real fan of his stuff) and then on to some Turkish music that left me wanting to travel to far off places. I just can't settle to one thing. Even my food choices have been that way. My body is telling me I have been eating too much sugar. Always I feel best when I leave the stuff out of my diet. But since the holidays it has snuck its way back in. And now I feel it. The stuff is addictive you know. Seriously it is. One time I read it takes 6 weeks to get it out of your system. I woke up committed to return to my 100% organic, health diet minus all sugar but I stumbled quickly. Needed a sugar fix, so made cookies, well they were organic but.....
Along with all this, I haven't worked out in a couple weeks. Having that cold just left me feeling lazy and not very energetic. Now I feel like a sloth. Moving along so slowly that mold could grow on me.
O.K., that is a major exaggeration and anyone who knows me knows my slow motion is normal speed for anyone else. Regardless, I feel slow.
Just ran outside to pull in the last few things off the line as the sky was growing darker and darker as I was typing and much to my surprise the temperature had dropped a bunch too. A cold north wind nearly blew me off the stairs. Wished I had thrown on a jacket. With no coat on, I worked fast out there.
So now back to my moodiness of the day. On days like this, nothing feels written in stone, every thing seems to fly off in the wind like a dainty silk hankie. Interests nearly elusive. It's not a bad thing, its just how it feels, leaving me feeling unsettled.
I sat looking around my living room wondering why I had so many things from the past surrounding me. Was I setting myself up to be stuck in the past like some folks that are not willing to move on and change with the time ? No, not really but... things just felt old to me today. Maybe I have a touch of spring fever or is it winter blues ?
The colors feel dark in my house. I find myself dreaming of pulling off the curtains and putting up sheer pink or purple beaded things. Maybe even orange or better yet a different color in each window.
Watching Bride and Prejudice will perk me up, tonight would be a good night to watch it.
I love the scene where they are all dancing in the streets, the bright colors a real delight to the eye.
That's just what I need, some brightness on this day filled with changes in weather peppered with that sick of winter feeling. Too bad Harvard Square is so far away, it would be medicine for this restless soul of mine.

Some glass pieces in the bottom of a bowl


Anonymous said...

Patty, I know exactly how you are feeling! I "blogged" about it a few days ago, in a post called Light in the Garden, if you are interested. Of course, I live in a northern climate with long gray winters, so I blame it on the "winter blahs." But perhaps it is cyclical or seasonal and important for our spiritual growth... ?

Paige said...

My favorite movie. Its always a good day for that one. (the AE version with Collin Firth)

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