Thursday, January 11, 2007

Candle Making Day

Gray skies greeted me this morning. It was warm out but it looked cold. Knowing that cold temperatures are on the way prompted me to get busy making myself a barn bonnet. My old one had been visited by some hungry moths. I had made it out of some of my homespun camel hair but that was years ago.
This time I chose some moth proofed wool.
It was also candle making day for me. Time to dip bees wax candles as I was totally out of them.
The melting wax filled the house with a slight warm honey smell. Its a long tedious job but satisfying all the same. A hot cup of cappuccino, on the counter next to me, to give me a bit of energy. I got a Krups cappuccino maker, new in the box at Goodwill for $4. I was thrilled since it had been on my wish list for about 3 years.
I made 6 pairs of candles today and tomorrow I will make another batch. I ran out of wick today so had to be content with the amount on hand. I love the way the candles look hanging off the pegs in the living room. That warm honey color is just so pleasing to the eye.
Tonight as we have our evening meal by candle light, there will be an added sense of accomplishment at getting the candles made on this dreary cloudy day.

Bees wax melting in my candle dipping pot
the first dip of the wick into the wax
after 5 dips into the wax
All done, about 30 dips
enjoying the candle


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL candles and much more perfect than the ones I dip! Good job, Patricia! Very lovely!

Kelli said...

Just beautiful, Patty!

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