Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Special Meal

Tonight we had Steven, Pricilla, Melanie and Casi join us for supper. What fun we had with them all here. Nothing better than having your children around you. I just wish Melissa and James were here too.
I had spent the afternoon waxing floors and cooking. Everything was just perfect by the time they all arrived, except for one thing, Emery had set the table for me and was so pleased with himself for helping, but notice where the glasses are. I never said a word. He was so happy to be a help to me. We left things just as he set them.

I had Rose oil simmering in the simmer pot, scenting the house just enough to make you feel as though you were walking in my rose garden. A pot of rose tea waiting on the table in the living room. Fresh flowers from the garden all around. Not a thing out of place and everything was ready. I forgot to put on my shoes though. I hate shoes, am always barefoot.
I fixed an Italian meal with all the trimmings and everyone ate heartily.
Here are some pictures of the table before we sat down to eat. The flowers from our gardens, and the cake was a treat, from the bakery. Not home made. A rare thing indeed. I was thrilled with it, but everyone else said, homemade is better.


Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, the table looks great and the cake - yummy! I'm glad you had a wonderful family dinner. My 12 year old always says my cooking is "better than a restaurant" which is wonderful praise indeed :-)

La Tea Dah said...

I'm a barefoot gal too!

Lovely table, beautiful setting, adorable children. Thank you for sharing.

Alena said...

what an original table setting :o), especially the glasses are in a special place...
saying no word in such a moment - that is a recommendation from a happy marriage textbook isn't it?

Pecan Hill Matron said...

You have the prettiest things! Always just right for the moment. I'm glad you had a nice evening and I'm sure there are many more to come!

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