Saturday, April 22, 2006

James of WEBK

We have a wonderfully talented son in law. I wonder sometimes if he knows just how talented and smart he is. If he reads this he will know what we see in him !

James is probably the most knowledgeable person on the subject of music. He has an encyclopedic mind on musicians, records made, histories of musicians and on and on. I personally am amazed over and over at how much he knows. He mixed all the music for their wedding and had things planned down to the millisecond. And nice guy that he is, played one of my favorite songs at the reception.
Now apart from all this, and most important in our eyes, is that he is a wonderful husband to my daughter.
They are so cute together. You can just see the love they share for one another in the way they look at each other. The certainly are well matched. They have the exact same color hair even. James adores Melissa and she adores him.
They met while attending U.T. in Austin....both of them are such die hard Longhorn fans !
James is a really good guy. When he was a disc jockey in NY we could listen to him by way of the computer but this station he is at now, doesn't have streaming audio or whatever they call it. He is fantastic on the radio and you would never guess he is kinda shy in person from listening to him.

If you are in Vermont, tune in and listen to James on the radio.

So heres to you James... Thanks for being you and being a really great son in law and taking such good care of our girl.


Dawn said...

Wow! I can only hope my children find wonderful husbands and wives. You've done a good job!

Inga Helene said...

How nice for both you and your daugther that you'rs so fond of you son-in-law. I think he must be proud of his mother-in-law also.


Tina said...

Hey Patty, UT of Austin is my school, go Longhorns....I miss Texas and esp. Austin...Hugs Tina

Patty said...

Hook um horns Tina !!!

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