Thursday, April 13, 2006

Looking Back to December 2004

Not that long ago, a year ago this past December to be exact, my oldest daughter was married. At the rate we are going, we may have three weddings in two years time.
What fun to see your children fall in love and marry the person of their dreams. And better yet, if you like the choice they made.
When James called my husband to ask permission to marry Melissa, that meant I knew before my daughter that James was going to ask her to marry him. Sure was hard for me to keep my mouth shut that day. I purposely avoided talking to Melissa that day, just so nothing would slip out.
James is a wonderful young man and we are so happy he is the one Melissa chose. He took her up to the top of a light house and asked her to marry him. How romantic is that ?
They are still has happy as bugs in a rug. I just hate that they don't live close to us. James is a Disc Jockey for an FM radio station in Rutland Vermont and Melissa teaches school there. They met while going to the University of Texas in Austin. I used to think Austin was far away, but compared to Vermont, they were close then .
We all keep hoping they head back this way soon. I keep praying that a job opens up here for him.
Melissa and James got married the day after Christmas. It was an OUTDOOR ceremony. Melissa was a tad chilly in her sleeveless wedding gown, but managed to have no goose bumps show up in the pictures ! She also had a broken foot so had on one pretty shoe and one boot. But in all honesty it was one of the nicest weddings I had ever been to. No stress to it, and we did it all ourselves. I just looked at it as one of the biggest partied we had ever planned.
They are such a cute couple and naturally we are very proud of both of them. Now looking at the pictures, I am reminded of all the fun we are going to have soon planning another wedding.


Pam said...

It sounds like you are very lucky to have such a wonderful family.
The wedding pictures are beautiful, it must have been a very special time.

Our daughter is getting married this June as well to a great guy that she is well matched with. I hope to make her wedding very special as well. We will be doing most of it ourselves also.

Sandra said...

How exciting everything is at your house! Weddings, roses and beautiful pottery :-) I'm so pleased for you all. My wedding was a "do-it-yourself" at my husband's parents home with about 40 close friends and relatives. I made my dress and my bridesmaid's dress, did the bouquet etc. Everyone that attended reckoned it was one of the nicest they had been to. I know you will do a wonderful job and make it a beautiful day to remember :-)

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