Saturday, April 01, 2006

Putting The New Shoes To The Test

Well, we put the new hiking boots to a pretty good test. Up rocky trails and down again. No slipping, good stabilty and best of all comfort. As you can see it was way to dry to test out the waterproof aspect of the boots !
The day is so humid that the air felt heavy and oppressive. Emery and I both broke out into a sweat pretty quick into the hike.
Since we had on the new boots, we opted for a short 2 mile hike. Thats a good way to break in the boots without having any problems. We even took the 2"x 6" board across the creek instead of the stone bridge just to see how flexible the boots would be for us. We both feel we picked the best boots. Not one problem with either pair. So I say three cheers for my Merrell Pulse II and for Emery's Columbia Frontier Peak GTX. So there, thats my shameless plug for our new hiking boots !

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