Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The People in Our Lives, Sisters

When I decided to write about the people in my life, or the relationships in everyone's lives really, I couldn't decide which blog to put the stories on. So there are two over at my other blog The first two installments, but I decided to put the rest on this blog. Woman's prerogative to change her mind, right : )
The people in our lives help define us, they make us what we are. I grew up with such a loving close family, and I know that is a huge blessing. Many people don't have that. Even my husband has a crazy family, which he is the first to admit it, so I am not telling tales out of school by saying that. But he was strongly influenced by his grandfather in many ways and it was his saving grace . Despite his family life, this man of mine is a saint. His brothers did not fare as well as he did and no one has seen or heard from his sister in 30 years. Our boys are his brothers children and that should tell you something right there. So I understand how lucky I am to be in a wonderful loving family. My daughters had so much love from even before they were born. They have known nothing else. It has given them a wonderful foundation for making their own relationships work.When we all think about who we are, no matter what the circumstance of our lives, we are what we are because of the people in our lives. I want to share a bit about the people in my life, past and present. And a bit about the kinds of relationships we all have. Tonight, it is about sisters. The sisters I will share about tonight are my two daughters and they have taught me much and given me more than I can say. I have watched them interact in so many stages of life.
My girls, Melissa and Melanie are very close, but so different. Melissa is organized, serious minded but still plenty of fun. She loves to study. Melanie is a wild child. Marches to her own drum beat and sets up her own rules of organization. But both girls are smart, articulate, very loving and very independent. Melanie being the typical younger sibling, always measured herself by her sisters success as a child. No matter the differences in personalities, they have a bond of love that is so strong. They are quick to share their deepest thoughts with one another. Sisters and friends. Just like my sisters and I and my mother was with her sister. Through the generations it has been this way in my family. I have learned to understand my own relationships with my sisters by watching my girls with one another.

the pictures are....
Melissa gazing at her new sister 1983
Melissa and Melanie in different stages of childhood


Kelli said...

These are some of the sweetest pictures I've ever seen. I'm glad your girls are such good friends. I tell my girls that "friends will come and go, but you'll always have your sister."


Sunny said...

A woman with sisters is truly blessed. Actually, siblings in general know you in ways that no-one else ever will. I always regretted that Jeanne does not have that special sister bond. Fortunately is very close with her brothers. People are surprised at how well our kids get along. Especially the boys. What can I say? They are buds.

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