Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Roses

You may have guessed by now, that I really love roses. Old fashioned English roses are my favorite. Those huge fragrant blossoms just make me feel as though I am stepping back in time. I am not sure I could ever have enough rose bushes in my garden. Just today I was trying to decide where a few more bushes might fit.
In this part of Texas they will bloom a few times a year and sometimes we even have them in early winter. I once made a list of 50 things in life that make me happy. It was a list that excluded people. It was just "things I love". Roses were number one on the list. Maybe, its because the scent of roses seems to feminine and so old fashioned, like lilacs. It is my habit to save the rose petals and make sachets or make beads from them. I hope to make a rosary this summer from rose petals. I remember one time visiting my sister Sandy's house and climbing into the bed and smelling the most subtle rose scent on the bed linens. It was one of the sweetest acts of kindness.

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