Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your Deepest Joys

Have you ever wondered what is your deepest joys really are in your life ? I was thinking about the things that bring me deep joy all on their own. The sort of joy that stands alone and is not dependant on how others look at us. So many of us say we find joy in doing this or that, but if we stripped away the accolades, the applause or the oooooohhhhh's and awwwww's we get from doing this or that, would it really be our joy to do it ? It is a joy to love my family and it would never matter to me in the world if anyone but them, knew I loved them. It is a joy for me to know God, and I would still love Him even if no one ever knew I did. I would spin wool in the quiet of my home, even if no one ever knew I would. I would still love herbal medicine if no one ever knew I did. But there are things, I must admit that I do or did, just to please or to receive some level of recognition, those things are probably not my deepest joys. Not the things that bring the sort of joy that is linked to freedom.
There is work of course, work we do for loved ones, for humanity, for strangers, for enemies or for people we feel completely indifferent to. Doing things for others, with compassion will become joy, if the motivation is right. And although it may not seem like a deepest joy, if it is done with the idea that what we do for others is in fact love made visible, then it can become a joy for us.
Our deepest joys, the ones that fill our hearts are the very things we never need anyone else to know about, we do it without any thought of reward.
Knowing our deepest joys, helps define who we are. Who we are in the eyes of God.

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ellemenope said...

Nice post Patty. I think too it might be considered as to what you continue to do that is a joy even in the face of detrimental comments/actions from others. For instance I love to run. Long distance endurance running gives me so much -- physical health, mind health and yes, spiritual health (many a pondering over things while I run in the "zone") However, I get lots of comments from friends/family that I am nuts for wanting to run as much as I do -- the "why would you want to do that?" type of comment. I've also had people in their cars try and run me off the road in a malicious way -- and I've heard lots of stories from other runners about this type of thing happening. A kind of angry way at getting to a runner. But through it all I will continue to run. I consider my ability to run a gift, and try and treat it as such and not take it for granted. For years, when I weighed over 200 lbs and didn't run I knew something was missing, but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I have it back and will never let it go.

Sorry to hijack your comments. Your post just got me thinking.

Aunt Jenny said...

I love this post are right..there are some things we do out of "joy" and when you come right down to it, that isn't why we do them at all.
I find joy in gardening and reading and cooking and sewing and would no matter what. Playing games with and loving my family would be a joy no matter what also. Makes you think about what is really important in life.

Carrie said...

As we draw closer to Christ, our deepest joys will be along those things of which He can approve. What we do for and share with others in His name will gie lasting joy and a sense of peace.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Wonderful posts! My greatest joys are often the littlest things in life that we often take for granted.

lovingcjm said...

Nicely put! I am still trying to figure out for myself that difference! It seems I spent so much of my life trying to please others that I became confused in the process!

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