Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Are What You Eat

A friend of mine tuned me into the BBC America series, "You Are What You Eat". I have been watching it for a while now, well ever since Emery got satellite TV that is, and I have to say this show is inspiring me to stay eating healthy. We eat healthy, have for years, but you know sometimes it just gets old eating good all the time and that greasy pizza calls to you, at least it does to me. This show helps keep me motivated. The changes in the people Gillian McKeith works with is amazing.
And I do know all about the hazards of eating chemical laced foods, but still at times they would call to me and I would cave in. This show however has helped keep me on track and what a difference it is making. I feel better, loosing weight faster than I ever have, have lots more energy and my level of joy has increased.
Here is a picture of today's food shopping ! Sure is a pretty sight.
In as much as we are the sum of our thoughts, we are also the product of what we eat.


novascotiagal said...

Lots of different colors is what they say about healthy eating, and your table is very colorful. Bad food tends to be beige a lot of the time. (I know what you mean about that occasional "call.") So here's to a colorful table, and joy and energy to match!
(Just checking in as I usually do, to read your thoughtful words each day.)

anita said...

Today I am one giant leftover pizza.

Simply Authentic said...

i love that show too! and it is incredible the amount of food and what type of food are on those tables some times! your table however looks lovely today! glad the food choices are helping you feel better too! have a good one!

Patty said...

You are right NovaScotiagal, french fries, are beige

Heart4MyHome said...

I have watched that show myself. It is a good wake up call to us all.

pomo housewife said...

McKeith has some good ideas, but I find her quite offensive at times. I saw her Christmas special on local TV, and she was really outright rude. She abused a man for giving his children white bread, and as he said 'well thousands of other fathers do the same', and actually, too much wheat fiber isn't good for small children - it's too much for their immature digestive systems.

She used to be 'Dr' until someone pointed out that her 'doctorate' was bought off the internet.

The regretable thing is that dubious individuals like these are cited as examples of 'health food nuts' by people who want an excuse to stick to their beer-and-chips diets.

Moderation in all things. Was it Michael Pollan who concluded:

"eat food. not too much. mostly plants."

Patty said...

pomo housewife, I suspect that we can find something wrong with just about everyone we don't agree with, life is that way. My children NEVER ever had white bread, not one time, no excpetion until they were manybe teenagers. They never had processed foods either, or sugary treats outside of three holidays a year. No digestive problems at all.
McKeith has her "PhD" from Clayton College, its "homeschool" of sorts. Which doesn't bother me one bit, I know plenty of Harvard educated MD's that have no clue about nutrition, prescribe meds that do harm and soon enough you see on the news that they have been removed. The chinese pharmacist that I go to, has some sort of education I am sure, it may have been at his fathers knee, I don't know, but he is right on 99% of the time, which is all I need to know. A Native friend, who learned about plant medicine as a child, has given me more help for my bouts with pneumonia than any Doctor ever has. Education comes in many forms. As for her being rude, I suspect some people only listen when you get in their face. Not my way, and sometimes I cringe at what she says, but ain't about to toss out the baby with the bath water. My approach is, if it works, it works. And for me, her kind of eating works.

pomo housewife said...

Ah. That's interesting. It was a news article I read, gosh ages ago, that was scathing about her quals.... I was under the impression that they were completely bogus. It didnt' mention distance education.

I still don't agree with her methods (and I think she has some dodgy ideas) but the basic message of eating healthful, living food is a good one that I certainly agree with.

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