Friday, January 18, 2008

Take A Walk With Me

Take a walk with me as I stroll across my beloved land, along fence lines, in the pasture, in the trees and behind the barns. Hands cold, eyes searching, being filled with peace and the joy of simplicity. Each breath I take a present miracle, each glance a holy experience where the very nature of God is clear to me. In the house, the camera lens fogs up in the heat of the wood stove, an ethereal sight


silent wings said...

I love your photography and the images you write in word. I do wish that I could take a walk with you across your amazing homestead. :) You have a beautiful blog and I hope to visit often.

Patty said...

Thanks Silent Wings, I do hope you visit often : )

Rondi said...

Lovely pictures, Patty. Thanks for the morning walk!

QuiltMom said...

HI Patty,
Your photos are gorgeous and reflect tranquility and serenity- thank you for sharing your home.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

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