Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch for Two

There is nothing quite so much fun as a spontaneous lunch for two... basket in hand I strolled into Emery's office, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants, sparkling water, coffee for me (Emery is not a coffee drinker) and two pieces of decadent chocolate for dessert. It was simple but still time for eyes to meet, lingered touch of hands as I passed him his food. Laughter, conversation, interruptions, but that's expected since this spur of the moment lunch was at his office.
On the way home I thought about how fast time is flying by. Nearly 30 years of my life has been spent with this gentle man. I want time to slow down, stop for a bit, let us savor the moment longer, sip life's beauty slowly. Weeks seem to fly by. It is Monday and then somehow Friday, days speeding past me. I look at our faces and age shows but we don't feel any different than 30 years ago, we embrace life with that same enthusiasm, that same gusto for living. We think with energy and hopefulness, even a sprinkling of idealism. Yes, there is more wisdom now, more of the times we can say, " I know how you feel" for many of life's hard times and good times. Just the other day, Emery walked in the door from work, French cafe music playing on the stereo, he grabbed me in his arms and we danced across the floor, laughing. Melanie, Casi and Mei-Ling were here too. Melanie picked up Mei-Ling and danced next to Emery and I. So much laughter, so much fun. A memory engraved in all our hearts for years to come. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, but so much ! I look at the picture of Emery below, taken shortly after we married and to be honest I see him the same way. I don't see the few gray hairs or the lines. Just this same guy I said " I do" to so long ago.
Don't miss the moments....write that love note tonight, dance and laugh... have a picnic lunch in the middle of winter and always look for the very best in all the people you love.

One of our Sunday lunches at home

Emery in Florida, Spring 1979

Music of the moment.... Josh Groban "Closer " playing right now All'improvviso Amore


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That sounds like the perfect lunch. I love sweet moments like that

~~ said...

Oh, how sweet... You are so creative and enjoy life.

~Miss Nelson said...

I love the way you love. Simply beautiful.

Jacran Cottage said...

What a lovely post! I agree that time is flying past at an ever increasing speed. What did happen to January anyway?! I love reading the way you write about Emery. The love just shines from the written page. I agree as well that we should try to look for the best in those we love. Life is too short to dwell on the negative, focus on the positive and I believe that's what you get in return.

Beautiful lunch, nice and healthy and tasty too!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Good lord, ladies. Am I the first to comment on what a hottie your husband is?

Oh, yes and the post was very sweet and sentimental too!

Patty said...

i happen to think he is a hottie too even at 61 : )

Rondi said...

It's so sweet how you two are still so in love.

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