Simple Work

Yes, the calendar says its a holiday but there are no days off when the temperatures drop and wood needs to be brought in and kindling gathered. I put aside the fancy clothes and donned my jeans, thermal shirt, barn coat, work boots and gloves. It was farm chore time too. Critters to be fed and watered and pipes covered. Emery worked today so the chores were mine, sure beats heading off to a gym in my thinking. I get to lift weights, only they are in the form of logs and buckets. The air was so crisp and cold, felt good on my face. I love the cold.
Inside the crock pot was doing its job cooking some lentil soup. Fresh bread on the counter top. By the time Emery got home, the house was filled with good smells and the wood stove was casting its copper glow on the bare wooden floors. The simple life.
If you want to do some thinking, wander around outside among the trees. Haul some water and chop some wood. Nothing clears the mind better than that, and it sure gives you time to pray.


That is my kind of work out! And yes it gives you tome to commune with god and talk with Him.
Cathy said…
We have been doing the same thing today....going to get cold here in Georgia also. Nothing like a winter's night by the fire.
Blessings to you,
nancyr said…
Wow! Must have been the day to gather wood and keep the fire in the wood stove going. I did the same, and it was in the low twenties all day. I didn't like the cold, but I do like the fire in the antique cook stove, and the warmth it provides.

I'm looking forward to the holidays being behind us, and life getting back to normal.
Kelley said…
Happy New Year Patty!
I have been puttering around home today doing simple things like washing dishes, doing laundry, etc!
It is the simple things that bring such joy and peace!
Rondi said…
Lentil soup! That's one of my favorites!
Iowa Gal said…
Do you have your recipe for your lentil soup?? I haven't made it in years. Happy Holidays.
smilnsigh said…
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year...


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