Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Yesterday morning the fog was so thick, that visibility was under 1/8 of a mile. The fog hung low in the sky and above it was baby blue clear sky. If you were up on the top floors of a skyscraper in the city yesterday morning you could see above the fog. It was quite amazing. But also a lesson for us. That often when we cannot see which way to go in life, we just need to go Higher to see the clear view.
It seems we are never far from a lesson, as long as we are willing to look with open eyes and hear in the silence of the moment.
Starting the day off with a list of a few of my gratitude's.
Always grateful for life, it is a gift
for my health and the health of my family
for love
for faith and hope, they seem to go together
for history, its a wonderful teacher
for language, it gives our thoughts wings
for music
for laughter, small giggles all the way to giant laughs
for warm home made bread, kneaded by hand giving my hands strength and my body energy
for candle light, that softens all around it
for learning to understand the difference between need and want
for my life being surrounded by tenderness and kindness
for clouds painted across the sky
for true friends
for a new bookcase found "antiquing".
for a warmer morning, meaning no cold floors !
for plenty of wood to heat the house.
and for my sewing machine.

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Carrie said...

Having a thankful attitude does go a long way toward a sense of well-being. Thanks for sharing your tokens of gratutide.

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