Hung Out To Dry and In Need of Paint

Mei-Lings little Border Collie needed a bath...The well loved toy appeared frightened being hung out to dry on this very windy day.
The door to the milk house is in need of some new paint. Although it looks very rustic, it will
be looking much better as soon as spring time arrives so we can paint


I bet the little stuffed puppers was swinging in the breeze
nancyr said…
Pup must have a bilateral ear ache!
Patty said…
Nancy, his ears sure needed a bit of fluffing up after I took him off the line !
Aunt Jenny said…
My very earliest memory is from when I was 4 years old and my mom had washed our two big stuffed Pandas and hung them on the line by the ears to dry. Weird how stuff like that sticks with you! I remember them swinging in the wind. Thanks for the reminder!!
I loved your post today. You always really make me think!

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