A Peek at The New Look

It's a big departure from the homestead old fashioned look, but we both felt it was time for a change. I am stepping out of the Approval-Seeker mode : ) It's more modern, less fussy. I will post more pictures later. The coffee table is still in the box !


That is a very unusual lamp!
Iowa Gal said…
Get the screw driver out I'am popping over to help put it together. HEHE....While I'am there we can have some cherry vanilla tea.
LBP said…
I like your lamp. It reminds me very much of one my parents had in their living room in the 1960's. You know what they say, everything old, is new again!


Patty said…
the lamp is a wal-mart find. Very modern
Patty said…
Well come on over Iowa gal ! Emery has a pretty nasty case of bursitis and can't move his left arm much. I would make a whole POT of cherry vanilla tea for you
very chic Patty :)
a change is nice every once in a while isn't it?
nancyr said…
Kind of sixties, Danish Modern.
Change is good.
Aunt Jenny said…
I like it..very clean lines and pretty. Good for you!!
Carole said…
Change once in a while feels good. It's true that it was at first very surprising, but it keeps that "simple" quality and looks quite zen, or Asian, or Japanese... I can't really qualify, but it's "soothing" !

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