Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Have Been Tagged

Kim over at Stillmeadow Quilting tagged me for this meme
8 random things about me....
Only 8 ? There are so many random things about me : )
1. I hate shoes, would rather be bare foot
2. I never tasted broccoli or egg salad until I was in my 20's ( I just knew they would taste bad but they didn't)
3. I have attempted to sky dive, but would not let go of the plane, so never jumped out of it.
4. I speak some Hebrew and some Yiddish
5. I would rather have pizza more than just about any other food
6. I have spoken to a crowd in L.A. of over 300 people with no notes
7. I have been an ordained elder in a large California church
8. Horses running up to me, frighten me, I seem to think they won't stop !

I am tagging anyone who has not done this one and wants to.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those were very interesting to learn about you!

LBP said...

I love the one about the broccoli and egg salad. I had never seem broccoli either until elementary school and when I saw it on my tray I thought they were serving miniature trees! I told my mom about the mini trees and she finally concluded it was broccoli!



Tina Leigh said...

I didnt eat pizza until I was an older teen...what a weirdo I was! LOL! Happy New Year Patty!

Tracy said...

I hate shoes, too.

Ordained elder, huh? I would have never thought.

And the horses? ME TOO! But running cows don't scare me at all.

Kim said...
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