Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cozy Corner

Today is the kind of day you just want to cozy up with a good book beside the wood stove and let the day slip by. Nothing pressing, nothing stressful, nothing demanding. Time is my own. Lavender oil simmering, filling the house with its calming scent. Music wafting through the house, like gently blowing winds upon the ancient silk route, so dream like.
The week passing by slowly...I had to check to see what day of the week it was, time feels as though it has stood still, a good stillness. Not once have I started a car this week. Choosing instead, to stay at home. Being filled with the essence of home, where love flows so freely.
I am finding the empty corners and bare surfaces, freeing. Matching my personal direction in life, where simplicity takes the place of clutter, excess and freedom from want.

One more section of the living room complete. Bit by bit, it is coming together.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your new corner looks very cosy and inviting. The nature arrangement looks beautiful.

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