Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Living Spherically

Once upon a time there was a man that drove the same road every day to work. He did this for 25 years. On Mondays he wore his Monday shirt, and his Monday necktie. He ate his Monday breakfast. He came home in the evening the same way he went to work. He ate his Monday supper, watched his Monday television shows and went to be the same time every night. His wife followed a strict schedule too, Tuesdays she wore her Tuesday dress, fixed her Tuesday meals, and did her Tuesday chores. The couples conversation was limited, since each day was pretty much the same. Sundays they went to church, wore their Sunday best, sat in the same pew each week, and felt comfortable in their church where they sang the same songs each month.
This couples house and car were the same color, their yard simple with nothing out of place, not even a blade of grass. A strict schedule of care kept it perfect. Every Saturday was yard work day. No time to do anything extra.
One day in June a big storm hit this couples town and when the man got in his car to drive to work the next morning, the road he took was closed, a tree had fallen and blocked the road. Detour signs were set up and the man had no other option but to take the other road. The alternate road went parallel to the road he always took but went on the outskirts of town. The man was not happy with having to change his routine. It felt strange to him. He almost felt nervous. As he drove he looked out the windows, seeing new and strange things. His eyes grew wide in childlike wonder as he saw a mountain rage to the west. He had heard people talk about the mountains but he had no idea how beautiful they were. As he drove further along the road, he noticed he was climbing and the view became more beautiful. Trees so full and green. He saw deer just off to the side of the road. Soon the road started to descend. A river followed the road, with little waterfalls here and there. He was overwhelmed by the beauty and his necktie felt tight around his neck as he breathed deeply with emotion. Soon he came into town, to his office building, pulled into his same parking spot, fixed his necktie. He turned and looked back to where he had just come from. He longed to see that beauty again, to share it with his wife. He felt strange feelings...he longed to have the day pass quickly and go home that new way. Nothing felt the same and nothing was ever the same in his life ever again. He broke the schedule by taking his wife back over that road that very night. There was no time for their same meal, their same television show. They had a picnic by the side of the road, peanut butter sandwiches and juice. They laughed and talked about the new things they saw and wondered if there were more roads like that, different places to go and more new things to see. They stopped at a book store and bought books on trees, birds, and travel. From that moment on, they began a life of living spherically.

We often get caught up in doing things the same way on the same days. Taking the same road every single day.
If a baby never explores, they never learn. A baby that is stuck in a crib day after day, becomes stunted in growth both physically and mentally. A child that is kept in a room with no stimulation does not develop a healthy mind. An adult that does not reach outside of their comfort zone, grows old and dull. Learn new things this year, take a new road, be flexible, be spontaneous. Ever hear an adult say, " I just can't seem to memorize as easily as I used to"
Fact is, you don't use it, you loose it. Decide to memorize something and take back that ability. Practice standing on one foot with your arms out to the side, regain your balance. Learn a new language, listen to a some different music. Make a new friend. Buy a hat and wear it. Dance with the person you love, leave him a love note, send him a card in the mail. If you are not married, and wishing you were, maybe take the chance and join a hiking club or visit a new church.

There is a big world out there, full of wonder and excitement, just take a new road once in a while !
Melissa took a new road and climbing new heights !

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