A Gift

As if God knew how much I missed seeing birds at my feeders, today, out of nowhere they came...a gift of tufted titmouse, cardinals, chickadees, finches and more.


Screen Door said…
The chickadee is positively my favorite bird... rough day....Thanks for the photo... I can make it through the day.
All kinds of pretty babies!
Patty said…
I was so happy to see all the birds, guess they had to wait until it was really cold to come see me : )
Patty said…
Hope tomorrow will be full of sunshine for you Screen Door
Red Cardinals are my very favourite. Beautiful photography.
Thanks, Patty.
absolutely gorgeous! i had a moment this weekend of just stopping and observing the sights and noises of the different varities of birds around...it's so fulfilling to observe them, no?

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