Monday, January 14, 2008

Top 10 Books for Me

There are many many many books that have had an impact on my life for one reason or another.
The first time I read Walden by Thoreau, my life was transformed. Reading the works of Hawthorne, opened up to me the power of the written word. Reading John Muir's works brought alive the importance of caring for the land. Books like We Took to the Woods by Rich, showed me a glimpse of simple living that have given me focus and determination to not get lost in the rush of modern living. Lin Yutang's book A Leaf in the Storm showed me how war is ugly but that beauty can be found at any time. As a child, the Little House books showed me how the past holds treasures that should never be forgotten. So many books...and so little time !
I like to read at least one book a week and have pretty much kept to that since I was 10 years old.
Here is a list of my all time favorite books in no particular order
The Long Winter... Wilder
A Leaf in the Storm Lin Yutang
Healing Anger... The Dalai Lama
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff....Richard Carlson
We Took to the Woods..... Rich
The Marble Faun....Nathaniel Hawthorn
The Tanakh and the NT
Les Misérables ( in French) Hugo
Sailing Alone Around The World... Joshua Slocum
Next week it might be a different list, and it was probably different last week.
Share your top ten books with me !


lovingcjm said...

You are speaking my language! Im going to have to go check out some of these treasures that you have listed! I am always looking for good suggestions on what to read!

Rondi said...

I will share my list with you, maybe later tonight (I have to go to church board in a few minutes). The Marble Faun caught my eye. I read that before I went to Rome...and found it to be, not only an interesting story, but like a guide book to all the art there. True all those years later! Muir, Thoreau, Wilder, Rich...your list is a good one, which, of course you knew =)

Rondi said...

Oh, and Les Miserables...there is nothing it in French, too. Even more beautiful. I've seen it three times on-stage, too. Powerful stuff...

Aunt Jenny said...

I love your list..and I love books too! I would for sure have a few of the same ones. I love some of Steinbeck's novels...such vivid characters...Grapes of Wrath (I am re-reading it now for the zillionth time) is one that always makes me so thankful for all I have! I love how Harriette Arnow writes too...The Dollmaker is a favorite I never tire of...she spends so long decribing how much Gert loves her wooden water bucket it almost brings tears to my eyes after reading it so many times.
The Little House books will always be a favorite of mine, as well as Anne of Green Gables.
Gosh...I need to check out a couple of yours that I havnt' yet read..thanks for the ideas!

Blue House on the Hill said...

I love the work of Elizabeth Goudge, so several of her books are on my top ten:

The Dean's Watch
City of Bells
The Scent of Water
The Rosemary Tree

Grace Livingston Hill:
The Honor Girl

Any of the Anne books by Lucy Maude Montgomery

Any of the Little House books

Dr. Suess To Think That I saw it on Mulberry Street

The Bishop's Mantle, Agnes Sligh Turnbull

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