Monday, January 07, 2008

"The Best Laid Plans"

This famous quote actually says "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley."--Robert Burns ("To a Mouse"). But, I much prefer the misquote of "The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray." A bit easier to say and understand and certainly describes the plans we had for yesterday. We had some great plans for a long days hike, but instead, Emery spent the morning buying a new tire and having it put on the car.
It was a bit disappointing but at the same time I long ago adopted the attitude that things happen as they do for a reason. I just reason that something might have happened if we did go hiking that may not have been meant to happen. Sort of like how I always am grateful for unexpected delays, I just assume it was Gods way of keeping me from being in a place at a certain time that I wasn't meant to be at. Takes all the frustration and anger out of delays and changes of plans. Makes you count them as blessings !
We ended up having a nice day anyway, just not the day we had planned out. Emery took me shopping for a new coffee table. We needed one. When you have been married as long as we have, its time for a second round of furniture. We do it in parts, not all at once. Got the sofa and chair last year, so now the tables. Cash in hand. I opted for a more modern look, that brown black finished wood, simple lines. Fits how we both feel at this time in life. Uncomplicated. It feels as though our surroundings are making a statement about "the simple life". The need for less around us and more within our hearts.

Our new candle holder that sits on our new table,
both from Target


Iowa Gal said...

Are you going to show us pictures of your living room furniture? I have wanted a new coffee table for so long but don't have a clue as to what it would be. Also new hairdo???

Patty said...

Will take a picture when things are in order, right now the coffee table is still in a box. Its a put it together item !
As for the hair, it actually looks much the same as in my profile photo. Its not easy getting a good shot of myself and no one else wants to use my camera : )

Shellie said...

Congrats on the new coffee table and the pretty little candle holder.

Also, thanks for the less than 3
(<3) award. Sorry I haven't thanked you earlier. Life's been a bit busy. Still reading but have little time to comment lately.

Have a great day!

anita said...

Don'tcha just love Target!

nancyr said...

Love the Bobby Burns reference! My grandparents both came from Scotland, and my dad, their youngest son, loved Robert Burns. He had a little blue leather-bound book of Burns poetry and had it memorized. He used to recite a poem for different occasions, even grace on occasion.
Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

Carole said...

Very pretty candle holder, very delicate. You sure have good taste !

Mimi said...

sounds like the best laid plans that went astray... turned out to be maybe better plans... new candle and new coffee table... great alternative to a hike!!!
enjoy the new furniture!!

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