Monday, January 21, 2008

The Easy Way, Isn't Always The Right Road

There is a commercial on television about how these days instead of fixing things, we just get a new one. We don't as a rule, put much energy into keeping things going smoothly. People divorce without much thought. People get divorced for such silly reasons some times. I have a friend who divorced her husband because he was "too nice", and therefore not much fun in her eyes. People change churches when the minister talks about changing negative behaviors, or has the nerve to call something we enjoy, "a sin". People even end pregnancies because its going to be too hard to raise a child at this point in their life.
Instead of loosing weight when we gain a few pounds so our clothes will fit, we just buy bigger or make sure elastic wasted things fill our closets. We let our children rule the roost, simply because its hard to be consistent and have them obey. We let our children have all sorts of techno baby sitter toys so we don't have to hear them whine.
As adults, we so often choose the easy way out. Caving in on standards simply because it's easier to. Giving in because we think its easier than to stand firm. We choose the easy ways to do things around the house, have machines do our work, and then find we need to pay out big money to join a fitness center because we are getting weak and out of shape. What we think is the easy way, isn't always so easy in the end.


Bren said...

GREAT post!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very good post! You would enjoy my pastor's sermons and I am not saying it just because he is also my cousin! He preaches what needs to be said. One Sunday he preached on sensuality and how it has permeated everything and become a good thing even among Christians and how wrong that is. He will tell you about Hell and what you need to learn even if it is uncomfortable to hear. I don't like preaching that avoids talk of Hell and what will happen if we don't walk right. We need to learn it all and we need to learn to stick to what is right and our commitments. My cousin says to many churches focus only on getting people into church and saved and then almost abandon them. They are not helped to develop a deep relationship or a lasting one and to easily fall away. Sames to be the same with marriage and other commitments. If we don't like something or it's to much work or just not what we want at the time, we walk away. Now I better quit before I get on a bigger roll than I am! Sorry this was so long! LOL!

Marianna said...

Wonderful post! I laught at my neighbors who pay through the nose for fitness center memberships while simultaneously paying a lawn service! Makes no sense to me.

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