Morning Time

Fog rolled around our land this morning reminding me of the smoke off the incense I burn. You could see this fog tumble and roll. Its not 8 a.m. and I have had my mile run, drank my morning cup of warm water with the juice of a lemon in it. Made breakfast of cream of buckwheat for Emery and I. Read my poster that cites the ABC's to achieve your dreams. Somehow this morning I got stuck on S.... Stop procrastinating and then on T... Take control of your own destiny. Take control, that sort of made me think about being a people pleaser, which really puts everyone else in the drivers seat. We are not taking control of our own destiny, we change and mutate to try and make everyone else happy, in the mean time we sort of loose what might be our purpose. We can let others take the helm and miss what our true destiny is meant to be.
I have watched myself carefully lately and its impossible to keep everyone happy, everyone interested in what you are doing. If we go through life living with compassion without personal agenda or without the need for accolades, than that is all we need to be worried about. Compassion is never without love, love is compassion on the deepest level. It doesn't brag, it doesn't care if its seen or unseen by the masses and it sees the needs of others as being equal or greater than our own. People pleasing is self centered. It's all about how we are being perceived, rather than making other folks life better. It's about approval and acceptance. Compassion is not a part of it. I need to remind myself of that all the time. I start to write something for the blog that I feel deeply about and then I think, 'oh dear, the fundamentalists that read the blog will be so offended by my honesty and write me off or send me an email " so I rethink how to say it and realize that the free thinkers will think I have bitten the bullet and become a narrow minded judgmental person and never come back again. So you see, it won't work to people please. Being your "authentic you" can't be avoided forever, you will go nuts ! Each one of us has a reason for being here on earth, and doubtful our purpose has much to do with what we eat or what our pantry looks like, or how to clean a toilet properly. We all have far more wisdom given to us to share than that. Those might be important aspects of our lives, but not defining who we are. If all you taught your children was how to clean a house, they would not be real balanced, there is so much more to learn. We should work on the things about us that rule us, control us, remove from us the ability to operate as we were designed. Don't just say, "I am fat and out of shape and my health is compromised" and accept it as fate, work on it, change it, so you can operate as God intended. How can you live the life designed for you if you give the power to food ? Maybe someone else might say, " I have OCD" instead it might be more beneficial to say, "I struggle with OCD and want to be free from it" and then work on it. Change it, so you too can be free to be who God wants you to be, complete your purpose. Anger controls people, makes them behave in a way that rules them, dictates them and turns loved ones, strangers, store clerks, waitresses and the like, away with disgust, especially if they see the angry one hop into a car with a bumper sticker that says, "God loves you and so do I" ! Don't just accept it as a part of you, work on is work in progress and we need to be aware of what is the driving force of our actions.


grbev said…
Much food for thought. Once I reached a point in life where I was more concerned about being the best I could be, and less concerned about what others thought, the more free I became to be my authentic self. Inner joy and peace are wonderful parts of my life now!
Dorothy said…
""I struggle with OCD and want to be free from it" and then work on it. Change it,"

Would you likewise advise someone with bipolar disorder, or someone who suffers from schizophrenia to just "work on it. Change it?" Mental illness doesn't work that way.

Your post is mostly thoughful, and you do offer person insight, but as someone who has close relationships with several people with varied mental illnesses for many years (through many, many therapies), it sets me on edge to hear or read "just change it." If they could, oh man, they would. It's not always that simple.
Patty said…
OCD is not a chemical issue like say bi-polar or some other mental illnesses. OCD, like overeating, binge eating, etc is a behavior. People can change it with work, with therapy. Perhaps medication to help calm the streesors. But OCD, Bi-polar and schizophernia are not the same species ! There is a difference. You can work on changing behaviors. If you are a Christian, then you can have faith that God will help you gain victory over behavioral issues.
Dorothy said…
Sorry, but you're wrong. OCD is most definitely a brain chemical issue. I'm not going to debate this with you in your blog, but having lived with the disease (yes, it's a disease) for close to 25 years, I can assure you that all the religion and behaviour modification in the world will not not cure true OCD. It can (and does) help with OCPD (Obssesive Compulsive Personality Disorder) but it isn't the same thing. You're welcome to email me if you'd like to discuss this further.
Patty said…
No Dorothy, no wish to discuss it further. I am sure you are happy with your treatment/Therapy and your Dr.
There are many times in the medical profession when one text book does not agree with another. One study shows a complete different outcome than another. I could spend the day listing medical sites, psych book after psych book, that would disagree with your definition, unless there are other issues of a chemical nature prompting behaviors. But, to no point. There are certainly levels of the disorder, some complete with a level of psychosis that can trigger certain behaviors.
Carrie said…
With God's help we can be in touch with our authentic selves. Our definition of authenticity needs to be aligned with Godly ideals rather than current society's ideals.
Patty said…
I think Carrie, that each person knows what their authentic self is if they really look inside. Not everyone will have the same understanding of what is an ideal
Interesting post. I have never been one for just saying oh well and giving up. I fight against my problems. Even the illnesses I can't be rid of, i can fight to control the best I can!
fridaybears said…
Amen. We have to stop trying to make everyone happy because it's just not going to happen no matter how hard we try. It's a tough lesson but a good one to learn. I wish you well.
nancyr said…
There are certainly "degrees" of OCD. If it is mild, then behavior modification can work. However, it is is often genetic, and runs in families. Some toddlers display OCD, my grandson, included. If it is hereditary, then it must be organic, thereby chemical in nature.

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