Friday, January 04, 2008

My Hope for everyone and my disclaimer

It has always been the point of this blog to share my thoughts for just what they are, my thoughts.
Very few people know me well enough to tell me how I should think, and most tell me with a laugh, knowing how well telling me to do anything works ! Clearly, some of the thoughts shared on my blog are filled with hope that all people find a way to live less stressed, less caught up in the things that you can't "take with you" in the end of life. After all, coffins are people size, not people and treasure sized, unless you happen to have your own pyramid.
I had a fortune today in a fortune cookie and it said, "seek your fortune in relationships with family, rather than in possessions." I smiled for quite a while over that one.
I don't want anyone else to try and live my life, its mine, mine alone. Each one of us has their own life to live. The lessons for me to learn here on earth are custom designed for me, not for you or anyone else. I don't think this blog is meant to be a place where I tell you I have all the answers. I don't and never claim to. This blog just a simple sharing of my thoughts and my personal journey, wherever it takes me. Complete with all the questions I have. I have never meant it to be seen as a "do it my way" commentary, so feel no need to tell me you don't like my way. Its not meant for you. You are not me, and I am certainly not trying to make you live my way. If perchance something I say does work for you, great, fantastic, I am thrilled that I shared it.
I do want people to find peace of heart, dump the anger and stresses that you can live without. I think everyone with a heart wants that.
I sat outside in our circle of oak trees. It's a wonderful place to be, surrounded by the strength of the oaks, each one different from the other but still the same in that they are oak trees. Two have no leaves, one has a few, another has all brown dry leaves, another has tiny bits of orange and gold leaves, and the last in the circle is full of leaves, red and stubborn, not ready to let go.
Each one beautiful, significant. I watched three black vultures soar high above me, allowing the thermals to carry them wherever they went. Beautiful in motion. Clouds, gray and curly, like an old ladies perm. Yet just on the other side of the house, the clouds were stretched out, thin ribbons of grays. The same sky, different views. Both with beauty.
I felt refreshed being outside in the absence of man made sounds. I meditated, emptied my mind. Open and free feeling. I took in deep breaths, cleansing breaths, the cool winter air felt good. I prayed for inspiration, for deeper peace and it came to me. It also came to me how grateful I am for our quiet life, so free, so filled with joy. Joy is so much more than happiness. It's not fleeting, its deeper.
Today our family was blessed beyond what we could ever imagine. We have been bestowed with one huge blessing after another lately and taking this time alone, out in the silence, made it more tangible to me, seen so clearly. Dreams coming true, some of the very ones I put on my dream board just a few days ago. I need more time to think, reflect and look forward. It also came clear to me that my hope for each reader is that your lives be filled with hope, gratitude, and filled with peace.


Sharri said...

Pat, you take the loveliest pictures! You certainly have an eye for photography! :0)

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a beautiful post!

Bren said...

Very true Patti. No one should live your life but you. Using your life as an inspiration to help someone focus on their own life is ok though. You have a lot to share. Just the fact that you made a choice to go outside and look around you, breathing deep...some can learn from that (me included) who would have instead wallowed in their thoughts and let the negative take over. You ARE inspiring. No one can live your life and if they try they will fail, but they can look at what you share of your life and glean from it. You are a light in the darkness!

Cathy said...

Stay true to yourself. I'm proud of you for using your life as the Lord wants you to.
Wishing you a blessed day.
~~ Joy gives us wings ~~

smilnsigh said...

" hope for each reader is that your lives be filled with hope, gratitude, and filled with peace."

Beautifully said. And I wish the same back, for you.


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