Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Peace Pilgrim

Photo from the Peace Pilgrim web site
I guess since its the first day of the new year, I want to share some of the things that have touched my life in a profound way and will guide me in the new year. Each and every one reading this blog has an amazing brain, able to learn to grasp and to live life with purpose. I would love to see each and every person that reads this blog understand your potential and then live it. Stretch beyond your ordinary and live fully, a life of service and purpose.
Peace Pilgrim was an amazing woman from New Jersey, the very same town that my cousin lives in. Peace lived with purpose and found a simple life.
Here are her four steps to find inner peace.


1. Assume right attitude toward life
Stop being an escapist or a surface-liver as these attitudes can only cause inharmony in your life. Face life squarely and get down below the froth on its surface to discover its verities and realities. Solve the problems that life sets before you, and you will find that solving them contributes to your inner growth. Helping to solve collective problems contributes also to your growth, and these problems should never be avoided.
2. Live good beliefs.
The laws governing human conduct apply as rigidly as the law of gravity. Obedience to these laws pushes us toward harmony; disobedience pushes us toward inharmony. Since many of these laws are already common belief, you can begin by putting into practice all the good things you believe. No life can be in harmony unless belief and practice are in harmony.
Find your place in the Life Pattern.
You have a part in the scheme of things. What that part is you can know only from within yourself. You can seek it in receptive silence. You can begin to live in accordance with it by doing all the good things you are motivated toward and giving these things priority in your life over all the superficial things that customarily occupy human lives.
Simplify life to bring inner and outer well-being into harmony.
Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. Many lives are cluttered not only with unnecessary possessions but also with meaningless activities. Cluttered lives are out-of-harmony lives and require simplification. Wants and needs can become the same in a human life and, when this is accomplished, there will be a sense of harmony between inner and outer well-being. Such harmony is needful not only in the individual life but in the collective life too.


anita said...

How profound that just yesterday I was trying to find her book at the library, was unsuccessful, looked up the website and wrote down the address to order it! Hmm...

Bren said...

Oooh, I had never heard of Peace Pilgrim. I need to look that up. Thanks for sharing and Happy 2008!

Simply Authentic said...

peace pilgrim was SUCH an incredible woman....the book about her life was fabulous! thank you for reminding me of her at this time!

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