Friday, January 11, 2008

Family Time

Melanie, Casimir, Mei-Ling, Steven, Priscilla, and Elizabeth all came over for a visit with us last night. We had lots of laughs, some good philosophical discussion and of course food. The pictures I took of Melanie and Casi came out with a bit of a blur so that is why no pictures of them. Mei-Ling is a Grampy's girl as you can see in the picture. She just loves him. What a blessing for Emery and I to be so surrounded by love. It is what life is all about.
I have been nearly a week without any sugar. Just eating whole foods, nothing processed. Watching the BBC show "You are What you Eat" and being motivated daily to stick to my healthy eating. Quit Weight Watchers, just not right for me at this time. Not all W.W. leaders are motivating so I will stick to what is working for me at home. Lost 5 lbs this week. Been running and walking too.
Emery had an interesting experience. He is Mr Healthy, and it shows. But this past week he has been nibbling on the fudge I made at Christmas and has been hungrier than I have ever seen him. He said he feels starving at each meal and that is just not like him. He couldn't figure out why he was so hungry all the time, and then I mentioned that the fudge is made with marshmallow cream, a product made from Corn Syrup, the very ingredient that increases a persons appetite. The very ingredient found in just about everything on the store shelves. No wonder we are such a fat nation. We eat a diet high in corn syrup and then we are all hungry. Good for the stores, good for the Doctors (health issues from obesity), good for the drug companies (medications needed from weight issues), but not good for the people.
Emery stopped eating the fudge and his appetite went right back to normal. My own appetite has lessened with no processed foods and with the munching of pumpkin seeds, which can lessen the appetite.
Karo syrup (corn syrup) was originally promoted in 1905 as, "An appetizer that makes you eat." See the original Karo Syrup Ad, circa 1905. Remember in 1905 a good appetite was necessary if you wanted a longer lifespan. Scrawny folks just had a harder time warding off illness. The USDA figures show that the steady growth of high-fructose corn syrup, which ballooned from zero consumption in 1966 to 62.6 pounds per person in 2001 also corresponds to the rapid rise in obesity. It is believed that this high consumption of corn syrup is undermining appetite control, the very thing Karo used in it's advertising. Also from 1965 to 1996 soft-drink consumption increased 287% in boys and 224% in girls, and corn syrup is the primary sweetener used in soft drinks. Small wonder corn syrup is now being largely blamed for the rampant obesity. Guess they were right about that "making you eat," thing.
Mei-Ling wondering when her food was going to be ready
Steven, Priscilla and Elizabeth
Mei-Ling and Grampy


Niki RuralWritings said...

This is very interesting to me. As someone who is overweight, this provides me with something to really watch for, although most of what we eat is from scratch cooking, I'm sure there is still plenty of the corn syrup in products that I may not be aware of. I'll be more aware, thanks Patty. :)

Jessie said...

I actually wrote a book about childhood obesity and getting children to eat healthy diets, and I completely agree with you about what youve said with the corn syrup and eating whole foods.
Honestly it comes down to parents not having a clue what to give their kids to eat, because they just fall for the marketing ploys. You think of kid snacks, and most people think of Little Debby or little candy fruit snacks. All of these things just make the kids hungrier.
And you know what makes it worse? Mom and Dad stuff them with fast food for dinner.
It's amazing what you can find out when you research products, huh? I know I was surprised to learn about the chemicals in the cows milk that you buy at the store. But that's what bloggers are here for, to spread the word.

PS this is the link to my book

Mimi said...

loved the pictures of your family... they are just beautiful... also congratulations on your success with your eating this week...It's amazing what a difference healthy eating makes...

Sharri said...

Both of your granddaughters have cheeks I would just love to "tweek" Pat! They're lovely!

I'm sure you enjoyed all of their company!

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