Saturday, December 15, 2007

You won't find these in Glamour Magazines

I have never shopped in a Victorias Secret store, and it shows or rather is never shows....
Thought I would take you in the rather plain living aspect of my life and share my simple living
approach to beauty treatments and my choice for practical warmth.
First my skin care products of choice...
homemade soap for skin. Studies show that homemade soap made with beef fat actually keeps the skin as soft and young looking as those expensive chemicals. Not joking, its true. Simple to use, wash your face in the morning and at night, with a line dried face cloth, not fluffy, it does that thing that people buy those expensive scrubs for. The roughness gets rid of the dead skin. Rinsing off with cold water sure closes those pores !
For dry cracked skin, nothing beats Bag Balm. Works on cow udders, goat udders, dry hands and those dry heels some folks get. Just put it on your clean feet, put on some nice heavy socks and go to bed. Wake up with much softer skin.
For my hair, in summer, spring and fall I use my soap as shampoo, the one I make with vegetable oils. In winter when my scalp gets dry, I bring out the pine tar soap. Works wonderfully. Easy to use, no bottles to squeeze, no spills, just a bar of soap.
Now on to the Plain Victorian Secret Closet !
My winter fashions this year include heavy black tights sold by the Amish. Warm, comfortable and last for years. On top of those, snuggies. Yup, snuggies, cotton, white, no designs, not a single other color. An added layer of warmth over the tights. Perfect with a skirt and a flannel slip. Oh for flannel slips ladies, head off to the thrift store, buy one of those silky on the outside, flannel on the inside nightgowns. Cut it into a slip and you have a great piece of winter wear without having the difficulty of a regular flannel slip, your dress or skirt will stick to just plain flannel. Put on a pair of wool socks, some mud boots and you are ready to head out the door to do chores. You don't want to see my head gear, its really old fashioned. Oh, maybe I will include a tiny picture, so it won't shock you.

A nice warm black scarf reminiscent of something from the old country. A note here, my children do not love to see me pull this out of storage for another winters use


Lib said...

Hi Patty,
Oh The JOYS of simple Living.I Love the simple side.:o)
Hope the winds calm your way.
Have a great wk.end.
Blessins', Lib

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hon, I think you are perfect and wonderful and I love you as you are!

Niki RuralWritings said...

Bag Balm is one of our favourite products...I like the head scarf!

Patty said...

Thanks Niki for liking my head scarf, you are so kind

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