Sunday, November 26, 2006

Homestead Heritage Craft Fair Quilts

One of the most outstanding features of the Homestead Heritage Craft Fair, is the fact that most of the items are made by children and young adults.
The quilting done by young girls is amazing. The stitches perfect and most are hand pieced.
Its wonderful to see the careful work of such young people. Parents take seriously the work of training children to do a thorough, and careful job of whatever task the child is set to. Hand work is valued in this community and it shows. The women make most of their clothing, feminine and modest. Yet not frumpy or drab. Careful attention to detail is shown in every aspect of their life. Their faces glow with good health and peace shines from within.
As you look at these quilts, remember they are made by young girls. In a time when most young people are so self absorbed, hung up with the want of the latest style, the latest cell phone, computer, I pod, car etc, this life of simplicity seems so foreign. It is refreshing to me. Gives me hope that the good things of the past will not be lost for ever. Small girls running to help mother, braids flying. Little boys carving out wooden spoons and making rope. Young ladies gardening, gathering herbs, making soap, spinning and weaving, throwing pottery, knitting socks and making baskets. Young men, farming with horses, building furniture or instruments. A shoemaker sharing his knowledge with a young man at his side. Gentleness that comes from simple life is evident all around. Babies being held instead of plopped into an infant seat for hours. Home cooking, cheese making and all made with healthy home grown ingredients.
Voices raised in song of praise at the end of the day. Just seemed right. Gives a person a good feeling to see life this way.


Jan said...

Sounds like you had fun.
One of the hardest things about simplicity that I have noticed is that it is work. Everyday. The surface peace and tranquility comes from a great deal of dedication and good, old fashioned work. I think it feels too hard for most in our culture today but in the long run ,like most things worthwhile, it is worth the effort!

JoAnn said...

Thanks for the beautiful quilt pictures. I can't get enough of looking at quilts. JoAnn TN

Jacran Cottage said...

The quilts are lovely. I try to go to the Mennonite Relief Sale every year and there is a quilt auction. Some of them go for an amazing amount of money, but they are truly works of art. I tend to like the more old-fashioned quilts, not the ones made out of the fancier fabrics or the batiks. But then I guess I'm just a bit old-fashioned myself!

Speaking of old-fashioned, it would have been so nice to see young people who are not caught up in the consumer mentality of always wanting the latest new and improved whatever. It's good that they are keeping the old arts and crafts alive.

Jackie in ON

Anonymous said...

What beautiful work. I would love to go to the Fair. It sounds so interesting, just my cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

If only all the world was like this. The quilts are lovely, but when I realised they were made by hand and young girls they become more beautiful - I wish I could have seen them in person. I'm so glad that quilting is alive and well around the world :-)

Liberty Of Mind said...

Is the "peace" you see real? At what cost? Freedom?

The teens of the "world" often conform to their peers, because they are free to do so. Some choose not to. It is those teens that you should be impressed with.

The teens you saw also conform, but to the group, it being their ONLY "choice" to choose from.

Do not look where there is no freedom, for teens who "choose" a wholesome life style. Look for those whose choice is from within and instead of enforced externally.

I was a part for years. I sat and watched as you visitors oohed and awed. If we didn't smile, we were told to go home. We could be rebuked and crying one minute and smiling and serving you food the next. What you get to see is tightly controlled.

Enjoy handcrafts and quilts. Mostly enjoy your freedom to be an individual and make your own choices about who you are and what you are allowed to like. When you choose a wholesome life, be thankful that you had the freedom of mind to REALY choose.

Jesus wants us to freely choose Him, not out of fear, but love. Pray that these young people will some day get to make that choice freely; as in a true choice and true freedom of heart and mind. T

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