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Thank you !

Thank you so much to all who are praying for Melanie. What a comfort to know that her name is being lifted up in prayer by so many.
With just two full days left before I leave for Boston I have been trying to get a bunch of cooking done for the freezer for the family to have while I am gone. It was a good way to use up some of my nervous energy. I made up lots of French toast, sweet potato pancakes and several casseroles today.
By late afternoon, my bones were weary so I sat down to a cup of tea. Tea is comfort to me. Since my mood was a bit on the heavy side, my Baileys Irish coffee cup seemed perfect with its funny little expression.
As the sun was setting tonight I watered all the plants out front, which is always a special quiet time for me. There was a new "lace" edge on one of my plants. These bugs seemed to follow a pattern.
Its time for me to head to bed. It will be an early morning as we have to be in Ft Worth by 8 am. Tonight I will be able to sleep peaceful…

Melanie Update

Just a bit of an update on Melanie. She has massive bleeding in her eye and has to go to a retina specialist to have it corrected. The ophthalmologist today said he didn't want to touch it and so we head to Ft Worth first thing in the morning to see a new doctor.
Keep her in your prayers please.

Diabetic Handbag by Adorn Designs is Amazing

Melanie has been diabetic since she was 7 years old. Its not an easy road to be on. For years she took care of herself like a model diabetic, then in the late teen years and on, she was just plain sick and tired of being diabetic. Tired of having a disease.
Tomorrow she has to go to the ophthalmologist to have her eyes looked at. It seems she is facing the results of some high blood sugars. A right in your face reality check for her. She is not invincible after all.
We were talking today about ways to make it easier for her to take good care of herself. Not missing shots etc. She has to have 4 shots a day, and supposed to check her blood about 5 times a day. Not a nice thing to be poked that many times every single day.
We looked on line for something less medical looking for her to carry her supplies in. At 23 you sure don't want to be carrying around some geriatric looking bag for your medical needs.
We found the most amazing handbag. Its a bit expensive but worth it in my mind. To …

I Have Been Struggling With This

Last week I had a conversation with a man that has his words bothering me big time. I think I may just pop if I don't write about it.
By chance I was talking to someone about a young lady we both knew. Seems this girl has gotten pregnant, and is marrying the father. She is probably 22 or 23 now.
This "devout Christian" man with whom I was speaking said. "we were invited to the wedding but we sent a letter saying, "we would not attend". He explained it this way to me, "its bad enough she is pregnant but to marry the father is just another bad choice." I assumed the guy (father to be) must be a jerk or something, but no that is not the reason, its that this mans pastor said, "its a mistake to marry someone because you are pregnant." Maybe so in some instances and maybe not in others. But to judge someone so young in this manner, knowing she has a less than wonderful home life just seems so un-Christ like. So many people have sex…

My Walking Stuff and Melissa's Hike

Always ready for a walk or a good hike, my backpack hangs off the peg board in my living room along with my binoculars and hat.
Melissa and James went for a hike today complete with all the goodies for a picnic. Caterpillars were hanging from the sky it seemed and bugs were in abundance along with this fella climbing up a tree. Once to the lake, they decide that nature was providing way too many creepy crawly things as company so the picnic happened in the living room.

here's some quotes to think about....

"The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy; walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose."
Charles Dickens

"If you want to know if your brain is flabby, feel you legs."
Bruce Barton

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I--I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference."
Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

The Rest of the Photos from this morning


Rambling Around My Own Backyard

Today is probably a big shopping day for some folks, that extra day off from work. I decided to do a little natures window shopping. Shopping for photos that speak about my ordinary day filled with extraordinary sights. I would much rather look at the colors and sights in nature than walk in a mall. The air clean, silence all around me. My thoughts my own and no one forcing "wants" on me by way of maze like isles, designed with knowledge on how our brain works and how we look to this direction more than that and how this way will take you to the next item, carefully displayed to reach into our brain and make us loose reason. Feeling like we NEED what we don't.
This morning I stepped off the back step, painted white, a silly color to paint steps since it shows the myriad of cat and dog prints daily, but off the bottom step, a tiny bit of blue, a weed, which in reality "weed" is only the name of a misplaced flower, this blue greets me, calling me to exami…

Bargin Shopping

Goodwill shopping or any thrift store shopping for that matter is always a hit or miss thing.
This past Friday I stopped in to see what they had and found a nice cotton dress, giggle here as it was a Ralph Lauren. Funny since I just posted about cotton with a designer label, anyway it was just $6 with the tags still on. But my good find as a bunch of cookbooks. I love to cook, and actually use the cookbooks I get. Since Friday I have been pouring over the books and getting some ideas of what I want to try first. Also got a few other good reads. Love books.
Got all the books for $20 which if bought new would add up to about $170. Like that kind of savings.

Looking Back, An Old Hippy Remembers & Rambles On

Today Emery and I listened to the top 500 most requested hits of the year on our favorite oldies station. I noticed a huge change in the songs picked this year from last year. Last years songs were from before my time. This year there were lots of disco songs, and hippy songs like Spirit in the Sky. I suspect the people who have been requesting songs this year are all about my age since the songs picked were the ones that flooded me with memories and took me back to the things I was doing and the places I went when those songs were popular. Music connects us more than anything to times past. Sure pictures do but songs, wow, they just let you feel what you felt when that song was a hit. For me, I can go back to camping at Harold Parker 30 years ago and smell the campfire, see the radio hanging in a tree and feel the same emotions I felt so long ago when I hear "Long Cool Woman in a Black dress" play on the radio after all these years. Apathy flees from me when I he…

Melissa and the Quilt

Can you tell I am a bit anxious to see Melissa and James ???
Here is Melissa holding the tie dye quilt. I mailed it off to her last week so she could have it before her birthday. She loves it and said it just makes you feel happy. I am so glad she likes it. When I mailed it, the ladies at the post office wanted me to show it to them. Its a small country post office where everyone knows one another real well. The workers are like old friends.
Melissa and James went out for Sushi with my sisters today before heading for home. Melissa is eating her salad with chopsticks.
Also included is a picture of Melissa and James in front of the Liberty Bell in Philly in April. I am indeed feeling mighty blessed to have such wonderful children.

That's a Lot of U.T. Stuff

Melissa's birthday is June 8th so its coming up pretty quick. I am so glad we will get to spend it together, well a day late but still, close enough. I miss her so much !
Her mother in law sent her a huge box filled to the brim with University of Texas stuff. It looks like she bought out the UT store ! James has a perfect expression on his face regarding the AMOUNT of UT things.
Melissa and James spent the weekend with my sisters and I am so jealous, but in two weeks I will be with her too.
Just had to share this picture, its so funny.

Cafe on The Run at Central Market Ft Worth

Weekends are often the time that Emery and I leave the old homestead for a more up town sort of experience. One place we love to go is Central Market in Ft Worth. Its a wonderful market with fantastic gourmet foods, the best meats and produce to be found. The market also has the best gelato around. On the weekends they have live music at their Cafe On The Run. You purchase your food in the store and sit outside at the cafe and listen to the music. They sell beer and wine outside for you too. We usually get some bread, cheese and wine and of course some gelato. Never more than kiddy size though. Tonight I had violet flavor and Emery had Chocolate Hazelnut.
We had to wait for a table as the cafe was packed with people tonight enjoying the balmy evening air and the music. It was a country western group tonight and they were good although I must admit that I am no fan of country music as a rule. We had a nice fresh loaf of Pain de Champagne sliced for us and had havarti with he…

Loving the Land

This mornings phone call of nearly two hours put me behind schedule. I had planned on mowing before it got too hot. That didn't happen. I ended up heading outside just after 11 and mowing for an hour. It was hot. Sweat kept falling off my brow and landing on the soil. Each drop that fell made me think of those before me who had worked the land by the sweat of their brow. I was just mowing and its not particularly difficult work, but it was enough that my thoughts kept returning to the concept of loving your land. I can think of so many times that Emery comes in soaked in sweat after turning the soil for the garden. Done with a shovel, no machine, his strength, his energy and the land watered by the sweat from his brow. With each fence post hole dug, each tree planted, each seed carefully laid in the ground, there is love.
When we lived in our nice California home, it never felt like ours. The yard the size of a patio. The front of the house groomed like a pet by gar…

A Funny Story

I know this picture was just on my blog a short while ago, but it goes with the story I am about to share with you.
Sometimes life is more interesting than fiction. Today Melanie came home from work with a story to tell.
She had me sit down in the living room while she retold the events that took place.
It seems someone came into her store to buy something and she had to take the mans address. She saw the address and commented that she too lived in that town. He said he had lived there for about a year and really liked it and then he told her about this house in the town that he loved. Said it was a Thomas Kincaid sort of house and someday he was going to own it. He had to own it at some point in life as he loves it so much. He told her about how he drives past it every day and it seems they plant more flowers all the time and its so neat and tidy and how they have trees growing everywhere. Said the house was just a perfect country home. He has even asked people in the commun…

I Needed a Coffee Fix after that last post

After my intense therapy session in the last post I decided to sit down to tall glass of Greek Iced Coffee while listening to Josh Groban sing to me.
Seems to have been just what I needed.

Self Therapy : )

It probably comes as no surprise to any of you that I don't like pictures of myself. It would be very easy for me to hand my camera to Emery and ask him to take a picture. But I am always whining, " I look to fat". " My hair is a mess" or " I am bloated" . So the poor man never gets to take a picture of me.
But today I was thinking, why not show you the worst picture of me, face it all and just get over with it. Then when I share other pictures of me with you, you will be thinking I look pretty good. And besides it has to be some sort of therapeutic thing to share your most horrid picture when you have " PHOTO PHOBIA" . Sounds reasonable to me anyway. So here I am just stepped off the treadmill (too hot outside to run) after running 6 mph for a couple miles. Think I took a break once between miles for a minute to answer the phone. The angle of me holding the camera makes my nose look kinda big, and lets just say the flash makes my col…

Dreaming Kind of Day

Perhaps the glass bottles have inspired me more deeply than I had realized. I woke this morning with an eye on everything in my house. Almost wondering if I would like to get a job so I could afford this and that to make the house more of what I would like. Dark rich woods, primitive. Old pieces of crockery and pewter placed here and there. Hand-woven coverlets placed on the beds, really old ones that have the scent of the past forever in their threads, full of old stories held in silence in their patterns.
Endless supplies of hand dipped bayberry candles. The thought of going to work lasts but a brief moment.
With some reasoning in my own mind I figure it is possible to save for the things I would really like to own. I woke with dreams of having my home look the like houses in my cherished old copies of Country Living.
Maybe its that I like that feeling of being connected with my own history. My fathers family arrived in the United States in 1634. My husbands family came o…

A Memory

Both my mother and grandmother loved colored glass. In every window in our house we had little Fenton pieces of glass in all sorts of colors. My mother liked the cranberry color and red but we had gold's and blues too. Not much in green. Somehow no one in my family has ever liked green things except in nature.
My mother decorated our house in a colonial early American style which is still my favorite style. We had these wonderful old bottles in the dining room or sometimes the kitchen. I always liked the funny shaped faces on those bottles. Since I was married I have never seen bottles like that. But today at Goodwill, there were three bottles just like my mothers. $2 each. I know I have been decluttering and such but these were just too sentimental to pass up. I washed them up, stuck them on the window sill in my dinning room and sat there looking at them. Thinking about my mother. Wish she could see my house, she would like it. She has been gone so long now but…

A Couple More Photos


More Photos from this Morning

Mullein, the white sun of the early moring cloud cover, a new rose.

What My Mornings Are Made Of

Sometimes the picture inspires the words and sometimes the words make me seek a picture.
This morning I can't decide which way it should be. I woke to the sky changing from darkness to an almost lavender blue morning. It was still and quiet.
Now as I look out the window, the sun in gone, covered by grayness and there is wind blowing all the branches in wild movements. Nothing seems to be moving in the same direction. It all seems random and confused. There isn't rain in the forecast, but it sure looks like it should be.
The birds are silent. Never a comforting thing in my mind. It seems un-natural and foreboding. The sun, pale and weak looking. White light and not golden and bright. Strolling around with my camera looking for something to catch my eye, I stand in one spot trying to catch the sun peeking through the clouds, looking more like a nightlight than our bright sun.
But in a moments time, I see a patch of blue sky. The heavy damp air seems to instantly fee…

The Benefits of Simple Things

Due to excessive stress in my life a couple years ago from our youngest adopted son, I developed high blood pressure. I suppose having someone try to kill you a few times does something to you. Reluctantly I went on medications for my high blood pressure. It had always been low, and going on medication was like an insult to my whole being. I felt less than healthy. Hated the meds, made my muscles weak, slowed me down and after a while one of them gave me chest pains. Had everything all checked out and the old ticker was fine, like a teenagers they said. The cardiologist took lots of pictures after injecting me with some dye, and he showed me just how good it all looked.
I decided that if I changed what I ate, ran faithfully, practiced meditation and took some herbs, then I could turn things around and get off that nasty medication. I am not a fan of any pill that fixes one thing and breaks 4 so I wanted off that stuff. I am a master herbalist so you can understand that I …

Simple Things

Sometimes the things that bring us pleasure are not all that fancy or eye catching. Today when I was out rambling around the property, I noticed a little pear growing so perfectly. It struck me with its simple beauty. And then I saw all the little yellow flowers in my cantaloupe patch. So many more than just two days ago. I wondered if they would be little round balls when I get back from my trip. The combination of the brown dirt, the green leaves and the little yellow flowers just seemed perfect. Certainly they are not gorgeous like my roses or other flowers but they are still beautiful.
Played soccer with Fergus this morning and I guess he thinks its too hot, he kept putting the ball under a tree and then just standing there as if to say, " don't you get it, its too hot to run around." so after a bit I caught on and just stopped running and getting the ball from him. He's been laying on the back porch since I left him.
Brought in a couple loads of clo…

Night Ramble

" Today we are afraid of simple words like goodness and mercy and kindness. We don't believe in the good old words because we don't believe in good old values anymore. And that's why the world is sick."
Lin Yutang

In case no one ever noticed, I love the writings of Lin Yutang. A wise soul this man was and an excellent writer. " A Leaf in A Storm" is the first book I read of his and it changed me in some way. I was young, maybe too young to read such a tale of war and life. But it opened my eyes to the undeniable ugliness of people wanting to crush another group of people and take their land and their way of life. One people taking another people over. Each one with the same blood coursing through their veins, all with the same hopes, loves and pain. Brothers in humanity.
I am no fan of war and find little reason for it. Funny thing is that as a Mennonite or Amish, saying you are against war is acceptable and no one thinks you are unpatriotic, jus…