Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Party Time

We had a wonderful time at our party last night, it was the perfect mix and amount of people, just about 20 guests. Lots of good conversation, lots of laughter at the antics of the little guests and plenty of food.
Steven, Priscilla and Elizabeth arrived a bit early per my request so I could snap a few family pictures before the guests arrived.
The kitchen, dinning room and living room served as areas for guests to mingle. It was a fun night and by the end of the evening, Mei-Ling was ready for bed.
Melissa and Melanie made the Christmas Tree cake together earlier in the day and the second picture is of our families favorite Italian Cookies RECIPE LINK


Lib said...

What Sweet Pics. of your Grands!
The cake is so pretty!
Have agreat visit. :o)

Deanna said...

Those have to be two of the most precious little girls ever!

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