A Fun way to break the ice

Here is a Christmas laugh for you. Here is Emery being silly this morning, breaking the ice out in front of our house. Poor Harry is looking at him as if to say, "what is this crazy human doing ?"


Becky said…
Were we bored this morning? ; )
Dawn said…
LOL cute :)

Could have been worse...he could have tossed buckets full of hot water down instead or taken a hammer and hammered away at the ice. :)
Nancy in WI said…
I loved it! Thanks for the good laugh! That's something I would do!
Nancy in WI
Valerie said…
So cute!! Merry Christmas.
Godyssey said…
It's like march of the penguins... or penguin, lol!
May we never grow too old to have a happy childhood!
Thanks for sharing this smile.
--teresa in ky

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