Friday, December 18, 2009

We Caught More Than One Cat in the Trap !

Well, it wasn't exactly the Big Cat we were hoping to trap, but they sure looked guilty for eating the bait ! They are both fine and I hope they learned a lesson that all food is not for them ~


aimee said...

Thank you for the laugh--I really needed one!Hoping they catch the real one SOON though!
(Loved your Nisse/Tomte post)

Mary Ann said...

Gosh that was a belly laugh for me!

I hope Licorice is recovering and that you catch the real culprit very soon. Thanks for the chuckle and I hope the mountain lions you did catch have learned their :)

Don Hendricks said...

All cats are wild!!!!!

very cute

Deb said...

Those babies look soooooo pitiful in that huge cage~ Will you take/show a picture when the real big cat is in there?? Scary....
Good Luck, and hugs to Sweet Licorice from Chicago ! Hope she's doing much better~~

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