Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter ramble

The trees lay bare after the last windy day, except for one stubborn oak that continues to hold tight to the bright red leaves of fall. Perhaps this tree is a bit like some folks that hold on too tight to things that need to be let go of. The lessons of nature so often hold tree for man.
Rain and storms are due to arrive today and you can feel it in the air, it is heavy with dampness. The birds are busy gathering seed just as if they too know the rain is on the way and that eating while the going is good is a wise thing for them.
The clouds are full of subtle colors, shades of gray, morning pink and baby blue. Surely this sky would inspire all the most famous impressionists. Mustang grape leaves, twisted and caught in the gnarled branches, looking like bits of velvet turned inside out. Pine cones tossed on the ground with what seems to be careless regard by the towering trees, but of course there is some marvelous plan in the way they are cast off.
Asparagus plants faded to the color of hay, but adorned with tiny balls of red, hanging like Christmas decorations from their fine feathery branches. The perfect decor for winter days.
Cats follow me in puppy like fashion as I roam around. Aya, our oldest cat, seems to have taken on a Big Cat personality complex, standing guard on the fence posts. Harry, heading out to check the live trap for the big cat, looking at me with a puzzled look, "why are you taking so long" he looks to ask.
He barked most of the night, his warning bark which led me to pull the covers up around my neck and feel a bit like we lived in Laura Ingalls big woods. I knew something was out there that I did not want to run into.
Today there will be more cookie baking and wrapping those last few gifts. Christmas is almost here and how it came upon us so fast I have no idea. " Time flies" is the only explanation I have.
I have once again vowed to make next Christmas all about home made gifts....we will see if that comes true. The words, "best laid plans" run through my head as I wrote those words.
Imagine, next year we will have three little ones playing under the tree. I have come to love the element of getting older that brings with it, grandchildren to sit on my lap, and shower me with kisses and tiny little hugs. Seeing bits of my own children in these sweet faces of the newest generation. Memories pop up for me in giggles and in the sleeping faces of these angels on earth.
Love is so powerful and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary holiness. Life is good and before us, each day offers the opportunity to love more deeply and that is what its all about.

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marci said...

Enjoy reading your expressive thoughts of those pleasures you find nearest you.

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