Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Trap Has Been Set

They came by today and set the trap for the mountain lion, and thankfully they set it outside our fence line, so it will make for an easier trap and I don't have to worry about keeping Harry away from it.
Licorice continues to improve but is still plenty skittish and I can't blame her a bit. She seems to have a cut at the corner of one eye and she seems to maybe have some impaired vision from it. I sure don't blame the goats for being nervous. Right now, there would have to be another major event to get me to go out there after dark. Chores are done long before the sun sets.
I went out hunting for tracks this afternoon and found some unusual scat which matches the photos of mountain lion scat I found on line. Took a picture but will refrain from sharing it with you, which I am sure you all appreciate : )
The world around me is full of beauty and I am always glad to stop a minute and soak in the wonders of creation.

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Mama Koch said...

We have a few big cats running in our area too. Wish they wouldn't of turned them loose...which they won't admit!

I'd be scared too if I was outside all alone!

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