I just took this photo of the sunset reflecting on the window and when I looked at the photo, it looks like a figure in the center of the picture. There is nothing on either side of the window to make such a reflection. Interesting !
Do you see it too ?
I have NO curtains in any windows in the living room, there was nothing drapped over furniture and nothing in front of the window at all !


Pat Jacks said…
Actually, I see three. The face in the center. A small figure to the left and one lying down above him. Hmmm, maybe I am just very tired!! BTW, Mei Ling is adorable as always.
marci said…
I do! It is the angel protecting your property from that predator!
Patty, I've had this happen often when I try for a photo through the window at twilight or early morning. In part I suspect streaky windows [at my house!] the kind of streaks that aren't noticable in daylight unless you stand at just the right angle. I've also had a streak or smudge magnified greatly by relfection of sun or shadows on either window or camera lens.
Erin said…
I see it, too. It looks like someone in long robes or a dress to me, but could it just be from your curtains?
cherylhotton said…
I thought it was a curtain . Do you mean the white image in the center ? Erie !!!
Beth said…
Yes I see her with her long white dress/apron on. Yes, I agree with Marci. It must be your guardian angel.

mikesgirl said…
Oh darn, I can't see it! Wish I could though - I love stuff like that!

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