Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tomtar, Tontut, Nisse and Gnomes Arrive

For a very long time I have loved Gnomes. And through the years I collected all the Rien Poortvliet books I could find and have many of the little gnome figures of his collection, but in the last few years I have turned to collecting and making Tomtar, such sweet little creatures and I love that they are often in the company of the Jul Bok, the Christmas goat. What a perfect mix of loves for me. A friend of mine from Finland sent me wonderful red cut outs of the Tontut they put in the windows at Christmas time in her country and this year I decided it was time to make some more, so they were lovingly traced onto red poster board and cut out and will be in every window in our house come nightfall.
The usual art work on the walls comes down at Christmas and is replaced with Swedish prints of the kindly little tomtar with the Jul Bok. I have afghans with tomte on them and tomte cookie cutters too.
I spend hours knitting tiny little sweaters and hats for the little tomtar I make and love every minute of it. Its a magical world at Christmas and I love every minute of it.

just a note here regarding the goats. Licorice continues to improve, today she actually ran away from me when she saw me coming with the wound spray...the most movement we have seen from her since the attack and she ate some last night. Getting up on the milking stand of her own accord to eat. The trap remains empty and I continue to look over my shoulder every time I go out to the barns.

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