Christmas is coming...

A sure sign that Christmas is coming is the fact that Mei-Ling came to Grammie and Grandpa's house to have her picture taken by the tree.
All dressed in her plaid smocked dress and Mommy and Daddy dressed to match. Melanie had good news today, her Doctor thinks she may be able to carry Yen for 37 weeks. Nearly full term. We are so happy with that news. So by the new year, we will be snuggling our first grandson !

No matter how hard we tried, Mei-Ling would not smile, she wanted to play with her toys, not pose for photos.


cherylhotton said…
Beautiful pictures Patty . Is your tree real ? It is so lovely !
Mei-Ling's dress is very like one I made nearly 20 years ago for our oldest grand daughter. I love classic clothing for children.
Carole said…
Beautiful pictures ! They look so nice as a family... and I can't wait to hear about the new little boy that is coming soon !

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