Sunday, December 20, 2009

Peppermint Stick Houses

Things are pretty busy around here right now... company from out of state, Christmas right around the corner, a new grandbaby soon to make his appearance, and then there is the big cat still lurking in the area. All these things are keeping any dust from settling on me !
Today, Melanie, my friend Debbie and I made peppermint stick houses. I thought, why not make little Christmas "log" homes out of peppermint sticks, so I whipped up a batch of Royal icing to use as "glue" and we set to work creating our little homes made of peppermint sweetness. We seemed to enjoy sneaking a piece of candy here and there too. Mei-Ling sat in her high chair and watched us and of course, she had a mint or two also.
Its been chilly in the mornings here in Texas, which made for good bread baking weather. I enjoy having the bread bowl full of dough, rising on the warm brick hearth and then having the oven give the kitchen that little extra bit of heat.
I filled the crock pot with veggies and some stew meat so we could all enjoy a big steaming bowl of beef stew together in the evening. How I love the winter, and all the fun of the holidays.
Now to sit for a bit in the quiet of the day and get some knitting done before that wee grandson of ours makes his appearance.


Morning's Minion said...

I suspect that royal icing would cause me as many problems as trying to work with glue sticks. Last minute gift making here has been all about sewing.
Bread rising and a stew in the crockpot are a homely winter occurance here---comfort food.

Cat said...

Those are so cute!

cherylhotton said...

I like these little houses , something different . I have never made royal icing . Do you think we could have the recipe Patty ?

Becky said...

This is definitely a project for cookie day next year! Perhaps I will host it here next year.

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