Friday, December 18, 2009

What A Day Yesterday Was

Fought the rush hour traffic with gladness yesterday to pick up my best friend since first grade, at the airport. We got to have a nice afternoon visiting and then everyone was here for our evening meal, then around 8 p.m. Melanie started having some really strong and regular contractions, not good, since she is only 35 weeks. Casi had a pretty high fever and was feeling awful so I drove Melanie to the hospital. I guess its about 30 some miles and honestly, I drove a bit over the speed limit to get there in record time for me. Debbie wanted to come along so she road in the backseat. Casi took Mei-Ling home. Mei-Ling was tired and Casi wanted to curl up in a corner poor guy, but at the same time he was wanting to be with Melanie.
Of course as soon as I got to the hospital and called everyone to let them know we got there, my iPhone died. Hate the battery life on those things ! They got Melanie all checked in and examined, hooked up to the monitors. Debbie promptly fell asleep in the chair, weary from her early morning flight and I tended to Melanie. She had not dilated at all but her contractions were about 4 minutes apart and still very strong. I asked the nurses if there was a way to make a call to Casi, but since its long distance, the answer was no. But these ladies were the salt of the earth when I explained about my phone and one nurse went to her purse, took out her own iPhone charger and charged my phone right there at the nurses station. That is beyond the call of duty. By midnight I could inform everyone about Melanie's condition. Another check revealed no dilation so the Dr ordered some meds to see if the contractions would stop and they did. We were on our way home by 2:30 am. How thankful I was that even though I had been up since 6 am I was not in the least bit tired, making me feel better about the long trip home that late at night. God is good.
Melanie will be heading off to the hospital in a bit for her bi-weekly check and I am hoping all is well.
I have a busy day planned, bread to make and knitting to be done, along with visiting with my best friend Debbie.


Linda said...

Thought of you this morning. Portland zoo now has two new mountain lion cubs as a result of the mother approaching to attack a man's dog. He shot it, which was within the law, but then they found a cub and took it to the zoo. Ten days later they found another cub. They knew there was another cub because the mother had killed a deer and they watched that carcass. When it continued to disappear they knew there had to be another cub. When they catch yours keep a watch out for cubs that may have been left behind.

Hope Melanie is okay.

La Tea Dah said...

Have a great time with Debbie! You two always seem to have such a fun time! I'm glad Melanie and baby are doing fine. You know, I cannot get along without my iPhone car charger. Everytime I'm in the car, I just plug it in. You are on the go alot --- I think you might like one. :D


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