Friday, December 04, 2009

Family Time

Yesterday we picked Melissa up at the airport, stopped at Red Robin for lunch and strolled the Mall for a bit since Melissa has no Malls near her and then, last night all the family gathered together for some cake and lots of visiting. I was having too much fun last night to take pictures.
It just feels like everything is perfect when all the children are here. Elizabeth and Mei-Ling were both very happy to see Auntie Melissa and Mei-Ling has been running around the house calling for "Missy", which is what she calls Melissa.
Tomorrow night will be our annual Christmas party, so the kitchen is a busy place today. The menu for the party includes
Swedish meatballs, creamed potatoes, turkey sausage rolled in pastry, red cabbage salad, spinach balls, gingerbread men, Italian cookies, chips, chex mix, and crackers and cheese. Melanie is making a large Christmas tree cake for the party, so I think we will have plenty of food. If I get time, I will make Cardamon bread too.

Mei-Ling excited to be at the airport to pick up "Auntie Missy"
Auntie and Mei-Ling
Some serious consulting on what to order !


cherylhotton said...

Patty what a true blessing for you to have all of your family with you . I hope you have a wonderful party and a joyous week .

Lib said...

How Wonderful to have Your Family with you!
Love the pic. too cute!
Have aGreat wk.end and Family Time!

aimee said...

Love that first photo of your granddaughter! The total joy on her face was caught beautifully by your lens! Incredible!
Have a wonderful anniversary and a blessed time with your family!

Williams Arena said...

Enjoy the family time.

Bonjour Madame said...

Enjoy your visit. I just had a really good visit with my mom. These times are so special.

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