Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Quiet Cold Night

Melissa's flight landed with a bumpy ride into Albany, and then she discovered her car covered with about 7 inches of snow. She has a 2 1/2 hour drive home from Albany, I pray the roads are clear for her. Its been such a long day of travel for her, delayed flights and bumpy landings. Winter like weather makes travelling difficult at times.
Emery and I are spending the evening with the wood stove blazing. For most the evening I have been cuddled up with a warm flannel quilt on the sofa, chatting with the man of my dreams.
Its just one of those quiet cold nights where the tea kettle hisses and hums on the stove, providing us with hot water for Holy Basil tea to warm the insides. Lamp light glowing in the window, old fashioned homeyness.
We both will feel a sigh of relief when we hear from Melissa that she has arrived home safe and sound on this cold winter like night.

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Carole said...

So relieved to hear about Melanie, and also that Melissa has arrived home safely. Still praying for Melanie and little Yen. Have to go to work now, it's 8 am here !

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