Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warm and Sunny Day

Emery is busy working on making it so we can lock the goats up at night, which means putting a door on their barn and closing up the top of the walls with some wire. We liked having a space open at the top for ventilation but we need to keep them safe at the same time.
I was outside enjoying the warmth when over head there was quite a racket. Crows were antagonizing an adult red tailed hawk right above me. I couldn't get a good photo for a couple reasons. Looking up meant looking right up at the sun and boy they were flying fast !
The Fall garden has been yielding up some wonderful broccoli and cabbage for our table. The green beans were picked right before the really cold weather, which was timely as they died with the last very cold weather that hit us.
I love the fall garden, its easy. No weeding and no bugs ! The carrots are growing nicely and will continue to do so all winter long. There is a few lettuce plants left for us to enjoy also.
I found a few shepherds purse plants around the garden which I picked for Licorice to eat to help stop the bleeding from the vein in her ear. I also crushed a few leaves to put on the spot.
The weather was beautiful today which was such a blessing with all the work Emery had to do outside on the goats barn. Tonight we should be able to rest easy knowing we have them locked up safe against the big cat. Poor Licorice is still in shock and groans in pain from her attack last night. But I feel sure she will be just fine in time.
The woods that border our land
shepherds purse being munched by Faith
lady bug visit
red tailed hawk being antagonized by the crows
a row of cabbage

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Gill - That British Woman said...

Oh I wish I lived where you are, we can barely see our veggie plot for snow!!!

Still have some brussel sprouts out there though to pick, if I can find them!!

Gill in Canada

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