A drive up the coast of New England - First snow of 2009 Holiday Season

feeling a little homesick this morning and this video sure didn't help, but oh how I love my New England and always will.


Iowa Gal said…
Good morning Patti........I have never lived there or been there but it is such a beautiful part of the country. I love the houses and the shops and it all make me think of thick sweaters and hot apple cider. ......JAN from IOWA
Margo in Maine said…
So many places looked family to me..thank you for sharing..it was wonderful and warmed my heart...yesterday we had a downpour and today sun and a promise of nasty weather but nothing major...we have a saying 'just wait if you do not like the weather'..I live about an hour above Portland...thanks again..
Margo in Maine said…
I just put it on my Facebook to share with my friends...they will love it.
clairz said…
Yes, I get homesick, too and I think of warm sweaters and hot apple cider. But I also think of shoveling snow, falling on the ice, and paying the really, really high heating bills for one of those lovely old drafty houses. I will always miss New England, but am happy to be in New Mexico for my retirement years!
Emily said…
Hi Patty,
I live in southern NH and we just had the most beautiful snowfall today. Only about an inch but it came down so softly and slowly, big white downy flakes. Where do you come from in New England?
swedishcowboy said…
I moved from Boston to South Dakota when I was 13. Oh how I miss New England! I miss apples and trees that turn colors and the ocean. South Dakota has its own beauty (Buffalo and the Black Hills) but it isn't anything like New England.
I'm sorry you're missing New England. It is pretty this time of year. But the driving is awful in snow. I'm from NYS and we headed back from my mother's in white-out conditions this morning. Enjoy your sunshine!
Amelia Quilter said…
Hi Patti,

Thanks for sharing the video of New England. Saw lots of familiar sites! I miss "home" too!

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