Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

As if a gift from a tender Father, knowing how His child loves the snow, I woke to big fat flakes falling from the sky. Child like excitement, filled every cell of my body. Blustery north winds that howl and roar. The kind of howling at the door that reminds me of Christmas on Little House on The Prairie. Naked tree limbs bending in submission and dry leaves lifting of the ground and flying through the sky like feather weight silk hankies. Yesterday was 72 degrees out, summer like. People walking down our road in shorts and tee shirts, hardly Christmas time weather, but today...ahhh such a change and a welcome one for me. How I love the cold and snow.
I stood in the barn with the goats, all of us looking out at the north wind driven snow fall. Not a one of us, anxious to move into the milk barn for feeding time. I just stood there, hooded sweater pulled tight, my old barn jacket hanging open, I think most of the buttons are gone anyway. Its sturdy, and a bit like an old friend. Fingerless gloves on my hands, ready for the work of haying and feeding, free to do things like unhook latches on gates and light the lantern for a bit of warmth, not light. I watched the birds and the squirrels from this wonderful vantage point. Marvelled at the beauty of how snow looks falling against the backdrop of mountain cedars and junipers. Harry, who usually is by my side whenever I am outside, stood looking at me from the back porch, his bed warm and cozy in the corner waiting for him.
I love this life of mine, and how it allows me moments like this. Time to think, time to look, time to pray and plan out my day.
Today the house will be busy, baking, cleaning, preparing for company. It is Christmas eve and some presents will be opened. Laughter will ring through the house and memories of Christmases past will be shared. Young adults, just a step forward from their fondest childhood moments, will almost wish they were little once again, to feel that thrill of waiting for Santa.
My own memories of Christmas' past will be shared, and I will think for just a moment, that they sound like stories from the olden days compared to life now, and be surprised to acknowledge that being a grandmother makes my own childhood a long ago history. I don't mind a bit.
Emery will share his stories, and they are truly like Little House on The Prairie stories. His childhood spent with out electricity or running water, hard work that comes with farm life.
There were no stocking hung at his house, or presents piled high under a beautiful tree.
I will reflect today as I go about my work, and watch the snow fall, that this is the time we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. Celebrate hope and love.
My wish for each and every one of you, is peace in your hearts, no matter what is going on in the world or in your life. A deep abiding peace that cannot be stolen by any moment in life.
And that your life be filled with love, not only love from others, but more importantly, love that you give.
Many blessings to all ~

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Leanne said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Your place looks lovely - with all the snow. One day I hope to have a white Christmas. Living here in New Zealand it is summer at Christmas.

Love your words - you sure have a way with them.

Love Leanne NZ xx

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