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Sunday Evening

The shadows from the lantern swinging by my side cast strong shadows around me. I had to remember to watch the path ahead of me and not look at the light, looking at the light sort of blinds you from seeing the path. I like when the evening comes early and there is a need for the lantern when I do the evening chores . It even gives off a tiny bit of heat that is most welcome on cold nights when the wind is blowing all around the barn. Branches making a scrapping sound as they reach down to the metal roof of the milk house and sway back and forth. The cats followed me to the barn, anxious for their evening meal. They are getting fat. The goats standing at the gate, waiting for their grain. Cinnamon is first on the milking stand, and Licorice like the well behaved goat that she is patiently waits her turn. They know the routine. I sit close to the goats tonight, they are warm and I am cold. Neither one seems to mind me leaning close. I can smell the kerosene from the lamp and its a good…

Windy Day

The wind is actually howling today, with leaves flying horizontally through the air. The goats were in the pasture running after the falling leaves as if they were potato chips flying down from the heavens above. It was quite humorous to watch. This fall wind feels a bit more like a winter wind. It's a cold wind that stings your hands and face. The smoke from the wood stove is dancing down to the earth and back up and around the chimney as if it were a whirling dervish. The howling sounds make me close my eyes and imagine the blizzards of my childhood. I never minded blizzards as a child, in fact my sister and I viewed them as great fun. No school the next day, always a cup of hot chocolate and on very cold nights my mother and grandmother would add the warmth of their fur coats to our pile of blankets on our bed. Until I was 6 years old, we lived in a big Victorian house was heated with coal and it was nearly impossible to keep that house warm. The bathroom was in the north corne…

The Wee One Is Going To Be O.K.

Thank you all for the prayers. Mei-Ling is going to be fine, it was not malrotation, the thing we all dread so much with her. At the hospital, she is on the computer as a high priority patient so they didn't have to wait at all to have her seen. They did all kinds of tests and x-rays and determined it was not malrotation but think it might be the stomach flu and or that she is still rather blocked up, so they upped her dose of laxative. Cook Children's hospital is such a wonderful place, knowing that Mei-Ling was rushed in by ambulance the staff knew that Melanie did not have time to grab the diaper bag and the babies clothes were soiled from being so sick. The nurse went out of the room for a bit then came back with a brand new, tags still on them, clothes from Wal-Mart for Mei-Ling. Its those little things that just make the hospital different. God bless the Nurses and the Doctors, the support staff, all those that donate so much for the children there and to all of you for …

Emergency Prayer Need

The ambulance just rushed Mei-Ling to the hospital. She was vomiting up bile which with her is a huge worry since malrotation is a real concern for her. Please keep her in your prayers.

A Tiny Homesteader

Mei-Ling came to visit Grammie and Grandpa for a little bit this afternoon and of course we had to go visit the critters. She had so much fun chasing the chickens and the cats and yelling "goats" at the goats. She had so much fun, we just know she is a little homesteader in the making.

The Magic Of Christmas

Melanie and Casi have their Christmas tree up already and Mei-Ling is delighted in looking at it. She doesn't bother the tree at all. Just sits in her little chair next to it and looks at it. Since its Melanie's tree, it has lots of Hello Kitty ornaments on it . I think Casi has a few spider man ornaments too.

Simplicity of the day

Boxing up newly gathered eggs, feeding goats, admiring the changing colors of autumn, working in the garden, smelling the lingering flowers, watering and feeding the chickens. Getting a fire going to chase off the chill of the morning and the fun of finding places for the new pieces of pottery purchased yesterday. In awe of the quality of the weaving of a dish towel made by a child that I just had to buy . That is my morning. Coffee perking on the stove, almost ready. Time to sit in the rocker, coffee next to me on the window sill, book in my hand, the heat from the wood stove warming my feet.

Inside and Outside

When I think about how my house is decorated, I try to keep in mind that my house is about a hundred years old and the outside style reflects that of that time period. So having a ultra modern interior would not go well with my 1900's shot gun house. Of course there is no science to this or no rule in society about having the outside match the inside but for me it works. Same as how we dress. Don't worry, I am not going to write about how I wonder if I should dress plain or not but at the same time, I was reminded yesterday at Homestead Heritage that dress does reflect where are hearts wish to be. Usually when we attend there I am wearing my usual attire of a long skirt or dress, this year I wore jeans as Emery was afraid I would get sick in the cold damp air as I woke with a sore throat that morning. I have had pneumonia half a dozen times so the family is a bit paranoid about the possibility of me getting it again. The last two times were life and death situations for me. Ba…

Some Critters from Homestead Heritage

I want to find a calf just like the one in the picture. What sweet eyes.

Grand-blessings At Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

The grandblessings had fun at the fair too. The dress we made Mei-Ling was too big for her after her surgery weight less, so we will save it for next year. The weather was damp and drizzly
and not very warm.

Quilts At Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

All these quilts were done by the youth of the community. Beautiful work, with such attention to detail.

Thanksgiving Day

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Dawn from On A Quest For Plain Living joined our family for dinner with her husband. It was wonderful getting to know her husband Robert too. He is a delightful young man. I had met Dawn before at the Mennonite church we used to attend. She is new to this area and has been visiting that church some and learning some about what its like to attend a plain church.The children were here with their families, except for Melissa and James. We missed them so much. Holidays are so difficult when you can't be together due to distance. Nearing supper time, friends of Melanie and Casi's came by to say hello and I suspect to check out the pies ! Young men are such a joy to feed ! It was a day for Thankfulness. There is so much to be thankful for. I cooked and baked for two days so in a way, I was thankful to just be able to sit down ! Melanie and Priscilla each contributed to the meal and that was a huge blessing for me.

Day Before Thanksgiving Thoughts

This morning I woke with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, of deep thankfulness. Maybe in part to the holiday tomorrow, you know, on Thanksgiving you think about Thankfulness, but it feels so much deeper than just a holiday inspired thought pattern. I was thinking about how thankful I am that my children WANT to spend the day with us, matter of fact they can't imagine not spending it with us. All week my conversations with Melissa have had the same theme....wish you were going to be here...."wish I was going to be there mom". And we want them to be with us, we enjoy them. Like them, and admire them . Being able to be thankful for good relationships with your children is nothing to take for granted. I can quickly think of several families I know of that have strained relationships with their children and so holidays are not spent together. It breaks my heart. The reasons are varied...but many (not all ) are from poor parenting some where along the line. Parenting is n…

Goat Milk

Oprah was great today, all about the "Blue Zones" the places where folks live the longest. I was thrilled to hear this...." Sardinians also drink goat's milk, which is high in calcium and good for your heart. "Plus, researchers believe it could protect against Alzheimer's and heart disease," Dr. Oz says.Not only is goat's milk healthy, it's easier for your stomach to digest and is also good for people who are lactose intolerant. "It has tryptophan, that same sort of mellowing agent that turkey has," Dr. Oz says. "The fat particles in goat milk are much smaller than in cow milk, so you don't have to mix it up. And when you mix up fat globules, in some people it makes enzymes that irritate your stomach." Goat's milk is available in most grocery store dairy departments—just look for it in a smaller size than a gallon."
The entire show had wonderful information, but I the goat milk information was extra sweet for me.…

Ora et Labora

In our homeschool, I taught our three youngest Latin, and one of my favorite phrases, to which my children will attest, in Latin is "Ora et Labora" . There is something so very balanced about prayer and work. It was the motto of St. Benedict.
For some time I have been reading with great interest the plans unfolding on this blog...
+A Voice Crying In The Wilderness+ I am not catholic but there is something very good to me about the idea of a catholic community with such goals for simple living.
The photos are wonderful and there is a sense of peace from visiting the site.

I Should Be Cleaning

I should be cleaning for the holiday, but instead I am making quilted pot holders out of some cute farm themed fabric I found this week at Wal-Mart.

A Year Ago, My Thoughts Were On The Same Things

This is kinda funny.... I was looking up which day we went to Homestead Heritage Craft Fair last year and found this post I wrote on November 24, 2007. It appears a year ago my thoughts were on the same things that they were this morning.
If you want to read it, just click the link below

Saturday Thoughts November 24, 2007

Chilly Morning and A Morning Ramble

It was 60 degrees in the house this morning. We let the fire die out early in the night which meant waking up in a cold house. Such is the nature of heating with wood. Its work to keep the house warm. Might seem a bit romantic to think of sitting by the toasty stove watching the flames flickering and it is, but its a lot of work. Kindling to gather, wood "crumbs" needing to be cleaned up daily by the inside wood pile. Then there is the constant need to bring in wood from the big wood pile outside. There is the work of keeping the fire going, and regulating it so you are not making creosote or getting it so hot you have a flue fire. But even with all that, I can't imagine NOT heating with wood. It costs us about $200 a year to heat the house. We use downed and dead wood, so our wood is cheap. We like using downed wood, its natures way and not just mans destruction.
So many mornings in winter the stove not only heats us but serves as a means to making b…