Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Quick Note

It's been another long day spent at the hospital. Melanie is in better spirits today, but still its hard to just be in bed, not comfortable all day long. They let her walk around a bit this afternoon which was nice for her.
Hard to know how long she will be in the hospital. We are hoping not more than another week.
Debbie, (my friend of 40 + years) and I got to do a bit of quilt fabric shopping today while we stepped out for lunch. I guess my heart was not into buying fabric as I just came out of the store with a spool of thread.
I have been working on Mei-Lings bonnet and coat to come home from the hospital in while we sit at Melanie's bedside. With all the hours to work on it, its coming along quite fast. Made of white crochet cotton, lacy and very delicate.

Steven and Priscilla found out today they will be having a baby girl. More pink ! Everything looks fine with the baby so far. Things made for this wee one will be plain but sweet.

I have to admit, tonight I am tired, a bit worried and just anxious for Melanie to safely deliver this tiny miracle. I can rest though, knowing they are in good hands. Casi stays with Melanie every night, sleeping by her bedside. The nurses care for her as though she was their family.
The hospital is truly a place of compassion and mercy. The staff is beyond wonderful. They all treat Melanie with such loving care and patience. Its wonderful to see.

I am heading off to the sofa, shoes off, comfy clothes, a huge glass of ice water and then just loose myself in some mindless television show for a couple hours.

Tomorrow, another day spent, helping my youngest daughter through this difficult time.

Keep them in your prayers ! I can't help but wish that our country had some sort of national health plan so these kids would not be so burdened with their part of all these hospital bills. We are doing what we can to help out but its just more than we can do. I know miracles do exist and somehow it will all work out for them.

When I came home this evening, I took a minute to look around and see the wonders of nature. Its refreshing to the soul.
A mockingbirds nest, with three eggs in the wisteria bush.

A rose, fragrent and beautiful.


Peggy said...

Still praying. Thanks for letting us know how things are

Aisling said...

Patty, Like so many others who read your blog, I am continuing to think good thoughts for your family during this time. Just wanted to let you know.

nancyr said...

The hospital may be willing to negotiate what the insurance does not pay. It doesn't hurt to ask. Sometimes, they will discount the bill if you can reach an agreement with them. They will ask for proof of income, etc.
My son doesn't have insurance, and is low income. The hospital wrote of 80% of his bill.
They can talk to the social worker and see if there are any options.
Good luck.
Those little girl cousins will be so close in age, they should be good friends!

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