Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad Weather and the Joy of Roses

Days like today always make me feel a bit uneasy. The weather is unstable. Television shows are being interrupted over and over with warnings. Tornado's spotted to the west. Many miles off yet but heading this way. Huge hail, very strong damaging winds of up to 90 m.p.h. The sky has that odd look to it. The air feels heavy and oppressive. Not a bird is singing and even my chickens are staying put in their hen house.

I have tried to stay busy, cleaning the house for the weekend, but there is a nervousness to my work. Always looking out the window, opening the door and looking at the sky.

Since heavy rain and hail may come our way, I took a few minutes to cut some roses as the weather can be hard on them. What joy they give me. Their color, the way the petals curl upon themselves and unfold into another form of beauty. The way their scent fills a room with that romantic rose aroma. Just wonderful medicine for a day with stress.
The good Lord has always watched over us so there is no real fear, just that uncertainty that is born of threatening skies.

I chose pink font as it just feels restful as the weather radio spouts off warning after warning.
The storms have arrived. Tornado touch downs in Ft Worth. I am signing off and saying a few prayers.

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